31 writing prompts for self care during the holidays

31 writing prompts for self care in December | My Fresh Perspective | #selflove #selfcare #holiday

Looking for a soul-nourishing activity for December that’s totally free? Try a journalling challenge with these 31 writing prompts for self care during the holidays. A few minutes each day is all you need!

Last week I was chatting with a reader about creating self care habits during the winter, which admittedly, can be a tough season to get through. When I lived in Vancouver and Waterloo, I always found myself dreading the colder months because they were just that – cold. And short, without a lot of sunlight, often wet and slushy, and certainly not the majestic winter wonderlands that the movies can make the season out to be. Last year I wrote a post about my best tips for beating the winter blues, and today I want to dive a little deeper into one easy-to-incorporate practice that I’ve personally seen results from: journalling.

Albeit not just a project for the holidays, I’ve become a really strong believer in the power of writing for holistic health – particularly when it comes to feeling at ease with yourself, for clearing your head, and for exploring feelings that you might not know you had before you sat down to write. This could be anything from feelings of frustration or fear about a particular situation, or insane amounts of gratitude for a particular person or people in your life.

Whether you’re already a regular journal writer or not, today I thought I’d share 31 writing prompts (one for each day in December) for self care that you can follow along with during the holidays. In the list you’ll find a mix of light-hearted questions and deeper ones that lead to a bit of self exploration. I know that when you’re new to journaling, it can be hard to think about what to write, and prompts are something that really helped me.

Like meditation, there are no hard rules around what a journaling practice has to look like. You could write just a few lines or a page, or for just a few minutes. Or, you might like to set a timer and write as much as you possibly can during that time. Or, you can start answering the question and just see where your thoughts take you. There’s no right or wrong way or a time that it should be done.

Personally, I’ve found that the main thing is consistency and committing to keeping it up. For this reason, I like to keep my journal on my bedside table so that I don’t forget before I switch the lights out at night. You could do the same, or set a bedtime alarm that triggers you to journal first. It’s totally up to you, and whatever you choose, I hope you have fun with these! (PS. If you’d like them all in a single downloadable PDF, click here.)

31 writing prompts for self care during the holidays | My Fresh Perspective | #selflove #selfcare #holiday

1. What is your favorite holiday memory from your childhood?

2. How do the holidays make you feel now?

3. Write a letter to Santa.

4. What’s your favorite holiday recipe? When was the first time you tried it, and where did it come from?

5. Is there anything that’s got you feeling a little worried, concerned or fearful today?

6. What are some of the best gifts you’ve ever given and/or received?

31 writing prompts for self care in December | My Fresh Perspective | #selflove #selfcare #holiday

7. In what ways are you a different person now in comparison to this time last year?

8. At what time of day do you feel most energized and motivated? What do you do at this time?

9. What’s one thing you learned this year?

10. What holiday traditions would you like to start?

11. What would your ideal holiday feast look like?

31 writing prompts for self care in December | My Fresh Perspective | #selflove #selfcare #holiday

12. In what way(s) will/did you nourish your mind, body and soul today?

13. Is there anything about the holidays that makes you feel stressed?

14. What’s one area you’d like to see yourself grow in next year?

15. What’s THE ONE thing you’re going to commit to accomplishing today?

16. What was the last meal you ate? How did it make you feel?

17. What are some of your favorite holiday traditions/activities?

18. What’s the last dream you remember having? Do you see any parallels to your day-to-day life?

19. Who is someone who has come into your life this year that has had a positive impact on you?

20. Is there a person, habit, story or practice you think you need to let go of that’s holding you back?

21. What activities help you to unwind?

31 writing prompts for self care in December | My Fresh Perspective | #selflove #selfcare #holiday

22. What does giving back mean to you? In what ways do you give back, how how would you like to in the future?

23. If you could be in the cast of any holiday movie, which one would it be?

24. Who is someone you currently feel inspired by and why?

25. What are 5 things you’re most grateful for today?

26. What are some of the things you loved most about 2018?

27. In what areas of your life do you feel like you could use some support?

28. What’s one thing that made you smile today (or yesterday)?

29. What’s one long-term goal you have for yourself?

30. What are a few things you’re most looking forward to in 2019?

31. How do you plan to ring in the new year?

Print the full list here.

Tell me… do you write in a journal regularly? In what ways have you noticed that this practice has helped you?

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