DIY Flamingo-Themed Gift Packaging

2 Handmade Flamingo-Themed Gift Packaging Ideas

If you know me, you know that I LOVE plants – especially tropical ones. Monsteras are my favorites, and I have 4 in my apartment (with plenty of room for more!) As you can imagine, I was thrilled when I saw the latest Essentials by Ellen release – specifically the Tropical Foliage stamp and die combo. It features all sorts of solid tropical leaves that are perfect for DIY print making, and pairing with… flamingoes! Nothing screams summer like tropical leaves and flamingoes, right?

2 Handmade Flamingo-Themed Gift Packaging Ideas

Today I’m over on the Ellen Hutson blog with 3 ideas for DIY flamingo-themed gift packaging. I’m also sharing how I made the 3D flamingo topper on the gift box you see here, and a tip on what to do if a background you create is too bold to allow your focal elements to shine. This applies to gift packaging as well as cardmaking, so if you do either (and I assume that’s why you’re here), you’ll want to have a look! Come on over and join me here.

2 Handmade Flamingo-Themed Gift Packaging Ideas

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