Fit Bit Friday 235: The Drop it Like a Squat Workout

Fit Bit Friday - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Hello friends!

Phew. It’s been another one of those weeks where we’ve arrived at Friday and I couldn’t be more grateful that it’s here. This girl needs some serious battery re-charging time over the weekend – I’m talking a yoga-pants-and-hoodie-wearing, nap-taking, podcast-listening, playing-with-recipes-in-my-kitchen sort of weekend. But first, we must talk fitness!


Work It Out

Based on what I’ve heard from you guys, many of you don’t have a hard time coming up with cardio workouts but need a little motivation on the strength side of things. I’ll flat-out admit I’m the same, but I usually find that if I go into the gym with a plan for my post-cardio weight lifting – a circuit, supersets, or whatever – it’s a lot more likely to be done.

As I mentioned in my last half Ironman training recap, I’ve been keeping a regular strength training session on the training plan amongst all my other weekly workouts. Earlier this week I was running a little short on time, so I made up a quick circuit full of (yep, this post’s title gives it away) a bunch of squat variations.

(Source: Fabletics via Pinterest)
(Source: Fabletics via Pinterest)

The Drop it Like a Squat Workout

Complete the circuit below 3-4 times through. If you have access to equipment, you’ll need a barbell, a BOSU (or a step to create an raised surface for the uneven squats) and a kettlebell or single dumbell. The 1-minute plank is an active recovery and is intended to take the focus off your legs. If you don’t feel you need the 30-60s rest after the plank, feel free to go straight into the next round.

Fit Bit Friday 235 - The Drop it Like a Squat Workout - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Click here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

A couple of weeks ago I told you guys that I was totally loving Oh My Love by The Score, and the other day it dawned on me that they probably have more where that greatness comes from. It turns out they do, and Something New is the latest song to be added to my list of current faves. You can’t possibly listen to these guys without a smile on your face!

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Have A Read

Now over to you. Let’s hear…

  • What’s your favourite squat variation?
  • Anyone flying off to exciting destinations over the next couple of weeks?

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