February Goal Check-In and 3 for March 2017

Golden Girl Turmeric Smoothie - a super anti-inflammatory-packed high-protein smoothie with additional antioxidants thanks to sea buckthorn puree. Full recipe at eat-spin-run-repeat.com or @eatspinrunrpt

Hello there!

How was your weekend? I had a lovely restorative one full of sleep, hot yoga dates, brunch, a little recipe creation, and a nice long walk in the sunshine….. and then it snowed. WHAAAAAT? I know. Let’s try to forget about it.

Last night I also went to a potluck with some new and old nutritionist buddies, so as you can imagine, all the fare was pretty darn nutritious and tasty! I’ll save the dish I made to share with you another day, but there’s a recipe for ya in this post too if you hang on till the end.

Golden Girl Turmeric Mango Smoothie - a super anti-inflammatory-packed high-protein smoothie with additional antioxidants thanks to sea buckthorn puree. Full recipe at eat-spin-run-repeat.com or @eatspinrunrpt

Before we get there, it’s time for a look back to see what kind of progress was made on February’s goals.

1. Complete a Crossfit Foundations course – A

Done! My first month of Crossfit (including the 4-session one-on-one course) was fun, humbling, challenging and rewarding all at once. Going into it I knew that my strength would be tested in weighted movements like barbell cleans, jerks, snatches etc, but what I didn’t quite anticipate was how much emphasis there would be on mobility. I’m talking about being able to get into a proper position in something as simple as a squat (without weights), which due to my hips being so tight previously, I sucked at. To my amazement, just one month of commitment to this goal has made a massive difference. My range is far better now and I’m lifting heavier weights – not just lifting heavy things with crappy form.

sunday morning PRs

As I mentioned a little while back, I also attended a gymnastics clinic this month. I learned some basic progressions that, with a little more practice, should help me greatly in being able to finally do pull-ups and toes-to-bar. I’ve noticed improvements in my grip strength (which was previously almost non-existent – my hands would aways fatigue before any other part of my body), and while I still can’t do double unders with a skipping rope, I’m planning to practice them almost daily this month in hopes of nailing them by April. Oh and box jumps, which previously used to freak me out, are actually becoming quite fun!

Post-sweat with one of my awesome work/Crossfit buddies
Post-sweat with one of my awesome work/Crossfit buddies

The community aspect has been really enjoyable, and right now the energy is especially high because we’re in the midst of the 2017 Crossfit Games. I haven’t entered, but it’s fun to follow along and maybe I’ll give it a go next year. For now, I’ve got plenty of things to work on! For all my running friends who may be wondering, don’t you worry – I’ve been running too! Just shorter distances and faster. Most workouts are interval-based, with the exception of my cruisy Wednesday morning steady-state run. It’s one of my favourite parts of the week.

2. Be able to do 60 consecutive push-ups –

I wish I could tell you I did this, but unfortunately I’d be lying. ? My original motive for this was a push-up contest that we had at work back in January, where I managed to crank out 40. 60 sounded like a great new target, but sadly not one that my body has been able to achieve…. yet. I tried on the last day of February to see how many I could do and maxed out at 50 – so at least that’s progress! I’m determined to get to 60 and you can bet I’ll be letting ya know when I do.

gym stuff, skipping rope and asics

3. Contribute $250 to my Hawaii savings fund – A+

Get this – I actually socked away a bit more than that! Thanks to some extra side gig projects I was able to put myself in a stronger position savings-wise for this trip, which felt really good. It’s actually not the only place I’ll be adventuring to this year – plans for a couple of others have materialized recently…. but more details on those will come soon! ? But in the meantime, let’s poke.

Ginger Lime Tuna Poke Bowls - Eat Spin Run Repeat

3 goals for March 2017

So what’s happening this month? We’re already a few days into it, but here’s what I’m focusing on:

Get my taxes done.

Most. boring. goal. EVER. I know. But it’s inevitable. Do any other small biz owners loathe this as much as I do? I always swear that I’m going to be more more on top of tracking throughout the year so that I don’t have to pull everything together come spring, but I haven’t been quite as committed as usual to that. I made a start over the weekend and hope to hand everything off to my accountant by the end of next weekend. Hurrahhhhh.

Explore a new city.

If taxes get the award for the most boring goal ever, this takes most vague, right? I promise to share more details soon, and although it’s not really that far away distance-wise, what’s really exciting is that it’s going to be a super fitness and wellness-oriented trip. Running, sweating, eating – all the good things. A few hints: There’s some amazing healthy food spots, I need a passport to get there, and a big company put them on the map for coffee. Feel free to leave your guesses in the comments below!

Re-design one of my existing e-books.

Not long ago I transferred my little Eat Spin Run Repeat Shop from one e-commerce host to another, and in the process decided to re-vamp the 5-day clean eating meal plan that’s currently there. I’d like to re-design my Living the Whole Foods Lifestyle e-book as well because it’s packed with all sorts of great time-saving strategies and recipes, but the design just needs some love. You can expect to find a lovely, fresh, updated version there at the end of this month, and if you’re wondering why, it’s because all this contributes to my goal of making Eat Spin Run Repeat a helpful and inspiring place for you to visit. While we’re on the topic, if you’ve been thinking “you know, I really wish Angela would create a resource that helps me with ______”, please let me know! You can leave your request in the comments of this post or send it to me here.

Right, that’s all goal-wise for me! Before you go, I promised you a bonus recipe. for this beauty:

Golden Girl Turmeric Mango Smoothie - a super anti-inflammatory-packed high-protein smoothie with additional antioxidants thanks to sea buckthorn puree. Full recipe at eat-spin-run-repeat.com or @eatspinrunrpt

I’m calling it a Golden Girl Turmeric Mango Smoothie, and it kind of reminds me of a piña colada – minus the alcohol and plus a whole lot of health benefits that make you feel awesome. In addition to ginger and (obviously) turmeric which are such amazingly potent anti-inflammatory + anti-oxidant-rich foods, I’ve also added some sea buckthorn berry puree which cranks up the omega-7 factor. Omega-7 fats are great for skin, hair and nail health due to their anti-oxidant properties, and the brand of sea buckthorn puree I use is Sibu Omega-7 Pure. You can grab the recipe here.

Lucky for you, Sibu (also the natural skincare brand I’ve been using and loving for a couple of years now) has graciously offered a special promo code for Eat Spin Run Repeat readers throughout the month of March. You can use ‘EATSPIN25‘ for 25% off any item from now until the end of March at sibu.com, so feel free to load up on sea buckthorn berry-infused goodies!

Ok – over to you. Tell me…. what are your goals for March? What was your favourite and/or most memorable part of February?

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