Fit Bit Friday 242: The First to the Finish Workout

Fit Bit Friday - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Hey there!

How was your week? I’m SUPER excited about this weekend because I’m going on an adventure! I’ll tell you alllll about it very soon, but if you’d like to follow along, keep an eye on my Instagram account for a few glimpses of the action. I’d never leave you hanging on a Friday without a workout though, so lets get straight to it!

a positive attitude will lead to positive outcomes
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Work It Out

As I was running the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon on the weekend, I thought about some of the key ways I can become a better runner. Incorporating more speed work is one for sure, as well as working at being able to power up hills more efficiently. But another, perhaps even more impactful area, is finding the mental grit to dig deeper even when things start to hurt. Today’s workout was designed as a good way to test physical and mental strength, and as you’ll see, the hard portions get longer as your legs become more fatigued. While it’s not super long, if you do it at a challenging enough pace, it’ll be plenty. ?

discipline is doing what needs to be done even if you don't want to
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The First to the Finish Workout

This can be done outside, on a track, or on the treadmill, as long as you’re able to keep an eye on your distance. The rate of perceived exertion (RPE on a scale of 1-10) is indicated in the right column below, and should be used as a guide for pace.

Fit Bit Friday 242 - The First to the Finish Workout - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Click here to print the PDF.

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Turn It Up

Oh friends, my usual Spotify sources for new beats are failing me hard these days! Today’s tune isn’t new at all, but I’m always up for a bit of One Republic and have been digging the Arty remix of I Lived for a while now. It starts of mellow and calm, but picks up around the 1:30 mark and the energy is awesome. Enjoy!

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

Have A Read

Over to you! Let’s hear…

  • What are YOU up to this weekend?
  • Got any good workout tunes? I’m in need of some new ones so tell me all your faves!

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