Fit Bit Friday 209: The 20 Minute Fit Fix Workout

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Wheeeeeee it’s Friday!

now we dance

Did you do your Friday happy dance this morning? Because I sure did. It may have been a short week, but I’m more than ready for another couple of days off. Any big plans going down?

Tomorrow I’ll be heading out to Mount Seymour with some friends for the 5th 5 Peaks trail race in BC of the season, and if the Weather Network is correct, it should be a bee-youuuutiful day. I’ve signed up for the 9km enduro course which I hear isn’t tooooo bad, aside from the final descent which might get a little hairy. Trail running took a bit of a back seat this year in order to make triathlon training a priority, so I don’t have big expectations for this race at all. Perhaps I’ll see a few of you Vancouverites out there… ? ?


Work It Out

In non-running news, I’ve been having an absolute whale of a time creating new mini strength sessions in the gym this week. My coach still gives me off-season swim, bike and run workouts, but because they’re much shorter than what I was doing prior to Challenge Penticton, I’ve got a wee bit of play time at the end. Sometimes I make a plan, and on other days I just fly by the seam of my Lululemon speed shorts. Today’s workout was the latter, and if you have 20 minutes to spare, that’s plenty of time to squeeze it in.


The 20 Minute Fit Fix Workout

There are 6 moves in this circuit, which you’ll do 3 times through. Each round will take between 6-7 minutes, so if you want to tack on a couple more, feel free to do so! You’ll need a box or bench to step up on, a set of dumbells, and a Swiss ball. All exercise descriptions are provided below.

Fit Bit Friday 209 - The 20 Minute Fit Fix Workout - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Click here to print the PDF.

The Exercises:

Burpees: You probably know how to do these already, and if you haven’t done burpees in a while, they’ll probably be the part you hate most. So let’s get them out of the way first! Stand up, place your hands on the floor, and hop your feet back into high plank. Hop your feet back in to your hands, and jump up to standing, throwing your hands up in the air (like you just don’t care) while you’re at it. Repeat!

Dumbell Squats: Hold the dumbells near your shoulders and lower into a squat, keeping your weight in your heels. Stand back up and do it all over again.

Dumbell Step-Ups with Curl and Press: Stand behind a box or bench with a dumbell in each hand. Step up with your right foot, bringing your left knee forward and up to hip height. (You should be balancing on your right foot.) Do a bicep curl with both arms, then channel your inner cheerleader and push the weights straight overhead. (Ready, O-KAY!). Lower the weights back down to your sides, step down with your left foot, then with your right. Start your next rep leading with your left foot.

Dumbell Overhead Presses: One more time to make those shoulders burn. Stand with dumbells near your shoulders. Press the weights overhead, then lower with control. Repeat!

Swiss Ball Oblique Knee Tucks: Get into high plank with the Swiss ball under your shins (easier) or toes (harder). Bend your knees to tuck into your chest, then return to starting position. Next, bend them and draw them into your left wrist, then return to start. Do the same on your right, then return to high plank. That’s 3 reps – continue the center-left-right pattern until you’ve hit 15.

Weighted Pike Crunches: Lie on the ground in your best pencil pose, holding a single dumbell in your hands above your head. Keeping arms and legs totally straight, lift them both up, aiming to touch the dumbell to your toes in the middle. Lower back down and repeat.

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Turn It Up

This week’s tune is one I stumbled across over the weekend on Spotify. For those of you that aren’t country fans, you’ll have to forgive me on this one – I couldn’t resist. You’ll probably remember If I Die Young by the Band Perry, right? Well they have a newer song called Live Forever and I’m totally obsessed. If you need a nice positive mood-booster today (or any day), have a listen to this!

Have A Read

Now it’s over to you! Tell me…

  • What kind of workouts are you doing these days? Is your routine changing as we head into fall?
  • What are you most excited about doing this weekend?

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