Fitness Friday 279: The Final Stretch Sprint Workout

Fitness Friday - Eat Spin Run Repeat


Happy Friday, and how the heck has your week been? Are you excited for the weekend? I most certainly am, and this should be a particularly good one. Tomorrow I’m attending a mindful goal setting workshop (more about that soon), and on Sunday I’ll be checking out the new Equinox that opened up a few months ago here in Vancouver. I’m headed there for a workout, and for a massage which I’ve been thinking about alllll week long. My muscles are SO in need of this so I can’t wait to melt into that massage table… and let’s be honest, probably fall asleep.

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Work It Out

Last week I shared the Fitness Friday workout in video format, and quite a few of you who subscribe via email responded saying you want to see more of those. Thank you so much for the feedback, and know that I’ve got more where they came from. This week’s sweat is one for the treadmill so it doesn’t make for the most interesting footage, but you can expect more circuit-style workout videos soon. In the meantime….

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The Final Stretch Sprint Workout

About a month ago, I announced that I was finally back to being able to run pain-free after my adductor injury. That wasn’t the most accurate statement, because if I’m being honest, running back then definitely left me with some painful stiffness afterwards. BUT… I’m pleased to tell you that I really CAN legitimately run totally pain-free now. It’s been almost 5 months but I’m back, and to celebrate I thought you might like to join me for some treadmill sprints!

Here’s the deal: This treadmill workout is one I like to do as a finisher, after I complete my strength training for the day and just before cooling down. It’s made up of  8 x 1-minute sprints (aka HARD efforts) which have slight variations as you go. That’s right – it’s a 26 minute workout, but you’re only working for 8 minutes, and they’re INTENSE ones. The sprints get tougher as you progress towards the end, with the final one being done fast and with an incline, just to be sure that you truly empty the tank. 😉

Normally a finisher is short – we’re talking like 5-15 minutes short, but because I’ve included a 5 minute warm up (for safety) and a 5 minute cool down (to help flush your legs out at the end), this one is 26 minutes. Metabolic finishers are similar to HIIT in the sense that they allow you to torch a ton of calories in a short amount of time, stoking your metabolism for later in the day. That means they can be effective at helping you to push past fat loss plateaus, so if you feel like you’re in that state, give this a try!

Fitness Friday 279- The Final Stretch Sprint Workout - Eat Spin Run Repeat

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Turn It Up

This week’s song is one I’ve been hearing for months at my gym and finally Shazaam’ed over the weekend. It’s by Nadia Flores and it’s called Going Strong (Peter Barona Video Mix). It doesn’t appear to exist on Youtube so these links will open the song in Spotify instead. I will warn you right now that it is supremely girly and almost reminds me of a song that would be played in a 90’s aerobics class. I’m almost embarrassed to tell you I love it, and every time it booms through my earphones I find myself in an amazing mood and makes me laugh. Give it a listen while you do these sprints and they might feel a little bit easier!

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Have A Read

Now over to you! Tell me… what songs would I find on your guilty pleasures playlist? You’ll find a bit of Hanson and Shania on mine. #noshame.

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