Fitness Friday 296: The 1-2-3 Switch Circuit Workout

Fitness Friday - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Happy weekend, once again!

This has been a lovely short week and while I’m excited it’s Friday, I’m even more excited about tomorrow. One of my closest friends from university is flying out here for a work-related conference, so tomorrow I’m playing tour guide and taking her on a Vancouver adventure. I used to practically live at this girl’s house during our second year of undergrad. She was roommates with four of my other besties and some of my favourite university memories happened in their house, from getting ready to go to the bar (which feels like sooooo long ago) to late night chats. I haven’t seen her in years and can’t wait for this reunion!

Find your tribe, love them hard. - Danielle LaPorte. Quote via Eat Spin Run Repeat

Work It Out

The workout I’ve got for you today is one I created earlier this week and had SO much fun with. Do you ever have those days where the thought of committing to any one form of cardio just seems like more than you can handle, and your attention span seems to be shorter than that of a 4 year old? I do. And I was having one of those days. Rather than just going through the motions of the workout I’d planned without being totally in it, I decided to switch things up entirely and create a session where I was constantly switching to different exercises (strength + cardio). If you’ve been a little ADD in the gym lately, I think you’ll like this one!

The 1-2-3 Switch Circuit Workout

Start with a short dynamic warm-up to get your body ready to move, then get into round A to focus on running and lower body strength. After 3 rounds, switch to the rowing machine and the upper body moves, then finish the session with 3 rounds of cycling and total-body exercises. I’ve added suggestions for modifications in the notes below.

Fitness Friday 296- The 1-2-3 Switch Circuit Workout - If the thought of any one cardio workout sounds incredibly boring, here's one you need to try. A mix of strength and cardio, this circuit workout will keep your mind and body constantly guessing for maximum results. Downloadable PDF and exercise descriptions via Eat Spin Run Repeat // @eatspinrunrpt

Click here to print/download the PDF.

Exercise Descriptions

  • Bulgarian split squats – Hold dumbbells at your shoulders and either elevate your foot on a bench, or on the end of the treadmill.
  • Heavy sumo squats – Hold one heavy dumbbell either at your chest or between your legs and take a wider-than-normal squat stance, toes pointed slightly outward.
  • Push-ups: Do these either on the floor, or put your toes on the edge of the rower to make it harder.
  • Triceps dips: Do these off the side of the rower, and for an extra challenge, elevate your feet or place a weight on your lap.
  • 1-arm uneven walking lunges – Hold a heavy dumbell in one hand overhead. Do 10 walking lunges with this arm up and the other down by your side. Then switch arms for the remaining reps. The imbalance in weight will force your core to engage more throughout the exercise.
  • Dumbbell clusters – Check out my demo here.

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Turn It Up

GUYS. There is a new carpool karaoke! It’s been a while but I feel the need to keep you up to date with important events like this, so here you go. One of my fave episodes in the past was with One Direction (no shame), and if you’re a not-so-secret fangirl like me, you’ll know that the boys decided to take a break from the band for a while. They’ve each been doing their own thing and this particular episode is with Harry Styles, whose latest song, Sign of the Times isn’t too shabby. There’s singing, there’s Titanic role plays, and there’s Harry’s floral shirt. When you can sing like he can, you can wear pretty much anything.

Can’t see the video? Check it out here.

Have A Read

So tell me… do you have plans to unplug this weekend? What will you be getting up to?

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