Fitness Friday 300: The 300-Rep Total Body Workout

Fitness Friday - Eat Spin Run Repeat


THREE. HUNDRED. Three hundred!

I can’t quite believe there have been 300 Fitness Friday posts… that makes me an ooooooooooolllllld blogger. What’s even more interesting to me is how much my own fitness regimen has evolved since I started Eat Spin Run Repeat in 2010. Back then I was running cross country in university, doing half marathons, marathons, and teaching anywhere between 3 and 5 spin classes per week. Cardio was my jammmm.

Angela Simpson - culinary nutrition expert, coach and blogger at Eat Spin Run Repeat

Since then, I’ve gone through phases of adoring all the Les Mills International classes like BodyPump and BodyStep (one of the cycling classes I used to teach was Les Mills RPM), working out with various personal trainers, trail running, dabbling in triathlon, doing a half Ironman, plyometric circuits, and a whole bunch more endurance road running throughout. All the while I’ve watched my body respond to it all – sometimes in great ways, and sometimes not!

If you’ve been following Fitness Fridays for the past couple of months, you’ll know my groove is currently in lifting heavy things, complemented by a few HIIT sessions each week and lots of time spent outside. Just like nutrition, I think it’s important to be open to making changes in our fitness routines as our bodies change. For me, fitness now is about further elevating the way I feel. It used to be more about setting PRs and (admittedly) physical appearance. I’m not saying those aren’t totally valid goals, because they certainly are and served as great motivators at one point. However, I’ve found that the true “why” underlying my decisions to live an active lifestyle now have way more with the way it makes me feel than anything else. When that’s working, as well as nutrition, emotional health, relationships, relaxation + fun (all equally important!), life feels pretty darn sweet.

Angela Simpson - culinary nutrition expert, coach and blogger at Eat Spin Run Repeat

Alright, enough of my sappiness. I do have a workout for you today, as well as a song I’m totally nuts about. Let’s get to it!

Work It Out

The circuit consists of 4 exercises that alternate between pull and push focuses, yet all require your entire body to be engaged. I love to hate this one because the minimal rest makes it hard, and if you like a good challenge I think you’ll feel the same. You might also find yourself declaring love for the air squats by the end because relative to the other moves, they’re the easy part!

The 300 Rep Total Body Workout

You won’t need much equipment for this one – just a chin-up bar, your bodyweight and a barbell. If you’d like to do the chin-ups assisted, you can use a thick band looped around your foot (which is what I do), or modify to face-up ring rows or TRX rows. Set a timer and do the circuit 6 times through, resting only as needed. See how quickly you can complete the full 300 reps (with proper form, of course) and re-test again as you develop fitness to see if you can do it faster.

Fitness Friday 300: The 300 Rep Total Body Workout - With just 4 moves this workout doesn't sound so bad, but it's guaranteed to work your entire body from head to toe, build strength and challenge your fitness! Downloadable PDF via Eat Spin Run Repeat // @eatspinrunrpt

Click here to print/download the workout.

Exercise notes

  • Chin-ups – In addition to using anything you need to assist the movement (such as the band setup described above), do these with an underhand grip so that your palms face your forehead. If you need to pause in between reps as your muscles get fatigued, that’s a-ok.
  • Decline push-ups – Put your toes up on a box or step, then do push-ups with your hands on the ground.
  • Bent-over rows – These can be done with a barbell, or dumbbells if you prefer. Hinge forward at the hip with a slight bend at the knees and focus on the core tight as you squeeze your shoulder blades together with every row.
  • Air squats – Maintain a tall spine and tight core throughout.

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Turn It Up

Sooo… earlier this week I found a song, and it lit me up so much I was practically dancing on the treadmill after I finished my HIIT sprints. Maybe that’s a sign I didn’t sprint hard enough? Regardless, any song that makes you want to dance is a good one in my books, and those of you who detest country are going to have to forgive me this week. Behold, My Girl’s Night Out by Russell Dickerson. Turn ‘er upppppppp!

Can’t see the video? Click here. Alternatively, listen using Spotify.

Have A Read

Now over to you… I’d love to hear how your perspective on fitness has evolved over time. Have you dabbled in new activities? Discovered things you didn’t know you’d like? Totally hated something and sworn never to do it again? Let’s hear it.

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