Fitness Friday 271: The Cardio to Core Circuit Workout

Fitness Friday - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Happy Black Friday!

Is anyone planning to spend the day hunting down sales and getting your Christmas shopping done? This is the first Black Friday I’ve spent on the retailer side of the fence, and it’s definitely an interesting perspective! I have a few things on my list to shop for this weekend but the majority will be done online. Aint nobody got time for lines!

On the topic of sales, I also wanted to give you a heads up that Vega is having a wicked Black Friday with all sorts of deals and free shipping, so if your protein powder scoops have been scraping the bottom of the tubs, NOW is the time to fix that. There’s also some great bundles to check out, including starter kits in case you don’t want to commit to full-size tubs just yet. You’ll find those here.

Vega Giveaway - Eat Spin Run Repeat

In other news, I’m pleased to tell you that my return to hot yoga on Wednesday was a success! It’s such a weird feeling starting the day off with a yoga workout rather than a gym session or higher-intensity class, but at the same time, it was so nice to ease into the day with a good sweat and stretch. I highly recommend it – especially when you’ve got a crazy day ahead!

Source: Gymaholic via Pinterest
Source: Gymaholic via Pinterest

Moving right along….

Work It Out

This week’s workout is a double circuit, and a routine you can do on its own for a quick sweat or as part of a longer workout. The first circuit focuses on moves that will get your heart rate up, so you’ll want to do these as fast as you can with good form for maximum benefits. While this circuit will provide a total body challenge, the second circuit brings your heart rate down and focuses on the core.

The Cardio to Core Circuit Workout

For this you’ll need some dumbells (ideally a heavy set and a slightly lighter set), a jump rope, a mat, a medicine ball, and a weight sled. If you don’t have the weight sled, feel free to swap in a different move that gets your heart rate up, such as jumping lunges, squat jumps, tuck jumps or mountain climbers.  Do the first circuit 3x with 1-2 minutes rest after each. Transition as fast as you can to the second circuit, again doing 3 rounds with 1-2 mins rest in between.

Fitness Friday 271: The Cardio to Core Circuit Workout

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Exercise descriptions

Burpees with overhead press: Place dumbells about shoulder width apart on the floor. Drop hands to the ground and do a burpee, but on the way up, grab the dumbells and push them overhead. If you want an extra challenge, jump up as you press  the dumbells up. Lower them to the ground. That’s 1 rep.

Push-ups: Nothing fancy here, although you could elevate your toes on a step or bench for an extra challenge.

Jump rope: If you don’t have a skipping rope, simply mimic the motion with your hands as you jump.

Weighted sled runs: Load up a weight sled with a few plates (or another person!) and grab on to the handles. Push the sled as you run it as fast as possible to the opposite end of your space. Then change directions and run it all the way back.

Uneven weighted walking lunges: Hold one dumbell straight overhead in one hand, and the other down by your side in the other hand. Perform 10 walking lunges in one direction, then switch arm positions and do 10 walking lunges back.

Squat with overhead press: Hold a dumbell in each hand near your shoulders. Lower into a squat and press it overhead as you rise.

Medicine ball slams: Grab a heavy medicine ball and stand next to a mat (which will act as a cushion). Lift the ball overhead, then slam it down to the floor, using your entire body for momentum. Pick it back up and return to the starting position. That’s 1 rep.

Medicine ball Russian twists: Sit on the mat holding the medicine ball in your hands. Lean back slightly, knees bent and heels grazing the floor. Rotate your torso left (bringing the ball to your outer left hip), then right. That’s 1 rep.

Up-down planks: Start in high plank, hands directly under shoulders. Lower one arm at a time into low plank, then back up to high plank. That’s 1 rep.

Side plank with leg lift: Get into side plank on your right side, supported by your right forearm. For 30s, pulse your top (left) leg up and down, keeping the rest of your body in alignment. Switch sides and repeat on left.

Turn It Up

Last weekend I put together a new workout playlist and after a week solid of listening to it, I’m still loving every tune. The one I’ve got for you today is Just by L3V3LSand I love the surges of energy throughout. It’s perfect for getting you through intervals of any kind, and it always makes me want to push a little bit harder. Enjoy!

Can’t see the video? Click here.

Have A Read

Now over to you! I’d love to hear:

  • What’s on your agenda this weekend?
  • Any workout requests for future Fridays? Comment below or contact me here and I’ll do my best to create something for ya!

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