3 intentions for April 2018

3 Intentions for April 2018 | Angela Simpson, Eat Spin Run Repeat | #goals #intentions #motivation #selfdevelopment #wellness

Happy April! It’s always nice to kick things off with a long weekend, isn’t it? Whatever you got up to, I hope it was a lovely and relaxing one. This was certainly the case for me – some hot yoga, a bit of fun in the kitchen, some quality snoozing and a Freaster (friends Easter – like Friendsgiving) dinner last night with a great group of friends.

Since it’s the start of a new month, it’s time to talk about some fresh intentions for spring. How are you guys feeling as we’re transitioning seasons? If you’re anything like me, you might be feeling an immense urge to spring clean and that’s very much how I spent a significant part of the long weekend we just had! More about that in a second though.

I think it’s really important that before we set intentions for a new month, we look back on the last and assess what did and didn’t go well. For any of you who are newer readers, this is something I do regularly and you’ll find past check-ins here. I also like to cross reference my intentions for the year to see how I’m progressing, and to help keep my eyes on how what I’m doing contributes to the bigger picture. So with all that said, here’s my recap of how March went.

1. Focus on single-tasking – C

Yikes, this was a challenge. I’m writing this post with 14 very unrelated browser tabs open and that is not something I wanted to admit! My hope with this intention was to reduce some of the mental overwhelm I was feeling and eliminate a lot of efforts to multi-task. Science shows our human brains are not wired to multi-task well – even though we seem to think we are.

On the plus side, I’ve been better about leaving my phone unattended on the weekend and not picking it up to check emails in the night – again, not something I like to admit is even a concern. I’ve also been writing more blog posts in a single shot as opposed to coming back to them multiple times. There’s definitely improvements to be made, so I’m going to carry this intention through to April.

my brain has too many tabs open

2. Get back to writing my daily top 3 – A

I’m proud to say I did get back into this habit and it certainly helped to reduce some of the overwhelm I was feeling earlier. I find that doing this top 3 each morning helps me keep things in perspective, focusing on what actually needs to be done. Without it, it’s tempting to get caught up in the short term busy work, and things that actually move the needle (in my job and in my personal life) get put on hold. Three also seems to be a manageable number, and at the end of the day when I get to tick all three boxes, it’s a satisfying feeling of accomplishment.

If you happen to be looking for a system of prioritizing or living your days with more intention and focus, I highly recommend giving this a go!

3 Intentions for April 2018 | Angela Simpson, Eat Spin Run Repeat | #goals #intentions #motivation #selfdevelopment #wellness

3. Re-implement at least 1 self care activity every day – A

This went well! After having encountered a completely random and unexpected shoulder injury a couple of weeks ago, I treated myself to a new heat pack. (Thank goodness for Magic Bags!) One of my favourite things to do at night right now is reading or meditating with it around my neck for 15-30 mins before bed. I swear, it’s done wonders for relieving neck/shoulder tension at the end of the day that I don’t even notice building up when I’m at work.

Outside of this, I’ve been practicing deep breathing on my way to and from work, going to hot yoga on Fridays and/or Saturdays (although not as consistently as I hoped). Gratitude journaling fell off a bit, and this was because on many nights, I flopped into bed with the mindset that more minutes of sleep – even if just 2 or 3 – would be more beneficial. On those nights, I made a quick gratitude list in my head. Interestingly, on most nights, I came up with a longer mental list than I would have bothered to physically write down. I suppose that’s a win!

Moving along, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can make April a better month, particularly in terms of prioritizing the things that matter and that truly make me happy. After doing a little brainstorm, I found that most of the ideas I brainstormed tied back to:

  1. My physical space
  2. The people I spend time with
  3. My passion projects and personal development.

So without further delay…

My 3 intentions for April 2018

Thoroughly spring clean my apartment

Oh yes, it’s THAT time of year! I like to do a good decluttering with every change of season, and this is always most true in the spring. As one of my 2018 intentions I said I was going to allocate one day per month to this sort of task – sort of as a maintenance thing – but this month I plan to do a pretty critical assessment of all my belongings.

Maybe you guys notice this too, but I’m finding that now more than ever, what’s surrounding me in my physical space really affects my mental clarity, ability to focus, and ability to relax. One of my friends recently told me about how awesome Facebook Marketplace has been for selling everything from clothes to furniture, so I’m planning to spend some time snapping photos this weekend, making piles of things to donate, etc. You know you’re getting old when just the thought of this gets you excited. #adulting.

3 Intentions for April 2018 | Angela Simpson, Eat Spin Run Repeat | #goals #intentions #motivation #selfdevelopment #wellness

Channel my inner nerd at a conference for work

Maybe inner is inaccurate because the general nerd in me seems to surface quite regularly these days. She’ll be out in full force next week though, when I’ll be headed to Chicago for an email/digital marketing conference. It’ll be 4 days with 4000 of my new best geeky friends, talking about email personalization, data, omni-channel marketing and artificial intelligence. If you’re rolling your eyes or falling asleep, it’s ok – I get it, and I’ll forgive you.

Launch the long-awaited Sugar Detox Program!

This has been a long time coming, but she’s just about there! February was focused on finishing draft 1, and throughout March I refined it to create draft 2. Guys, this thing is PACKED with info, recipes, meal plans, tricks for stopping sugar cravings in their tracks, and options to ensure that the plan works for you.

It’s been quite a beast to write, but I know the result is going to be one you get results from. If you’ve been looking to cut your sugar consumption and haven’t had success yet, this is definitely something for you. Even if that’s not a specific goal of yours, those of you looking to improve aspects of health like your energy levels, mood, mental focus, and weight management are also going to love it. Food is powerful stuff, and my goal with this program is to show that a low-sugar lifestyle can not only be easy to follow, but leave you feeling amazing too.

I’ll be sharing more about the launch towards the end of this month, and if you’re subscribed to my email updates, you’ll be first to know.

3 Intentions for April 2018 | Angela Simpson, Eat Spin Run Repeat | #goals #intentions #motivation #selfdevelopment #wellness

Alrighty, that’s enough from me! I’d love to hear about your intentions for April, as well as how March went. Any big wins? Any big things on your calendar this month? Do share!

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