The Gorgeous Guide to Goal Conquering 2017

The Gorgeous Guide to Goal Conquering 2017 - Eat Spin Run Repeat

It’s here, friends!

The new year is fast approaching and I’m sure you’ve been giving a bit (or a lot) of thought to what you’d like 2017 to look like. Or, perhaps life has been moving so quickly that you feel you haven’t even had a chance yet to think past the current week – I know this has certainly been the case for me! However, I’ve been doing a little behind the scenes work to make sure that this year’s edition of The Gorgeous Guide to Goal Conquering is ready for you a few weeks before January arrives.

In previous editions of the guide, I included a lot of journal prompts to get you thinking about all sorts of things, from what your values are to what you’re most passionate about. However, I know that sometimes having the space right there to answer those questions can be helpful, so this edition is more of a workbook format with plenty of space for you to write what’s on your mind. Grab those glittery pens and curl up with your favourite cozy beverage – you’ll want to spend some time on this!

Gorgeous Guide To Goal Conquering - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Here’s a look at what else is inside these 30 pages of goodness:

  • A 6-step process to help you get clear on your vision, values and passions
  • Plenty of exercises to help you reflect and learn more about yourself
  • Space to record your big goals for the year, as well as a template for monthly goals that ladder up to the big ones
  • Tips and resources for keeping yourself accountable

In the past I’ve charged a small fee for this download, but this year as my gift to you, I’m giving it away for free if you sign up for my brand new email newsletter. Note that this isn’t the same as subscribing to the blog – it’s a new and improved little love note from me that I’ll be sending out occasionally, starting in January 2017. Simply click the button below to subscribe, and I’ll send the guide to your inbox right away.

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In addition to the guide, I wanted to give you guys 4 things to do over the next couple of weeks. I know the last thing anyone wants is more items on their to-do list, but I truly think these will help to move the needle and I’ll be doing them myself.

Reflect + be grateful for the year

Go back through memories from 2016, starting with January. In a journal or as part of a conversation with someone, pick 3 things from each month that you’re grateful for. Not only is it fun to look back at these memories, but I think it’ll also make you realize that we’re pretty darn lucky for everything we have. At this very materialistic time of year, it’s a good thing to think about.

Tidy up + lighten up

Despite efforts to maintain an uncluttered home, I still have stuff that I don’t use often and to be honest, don’t really need. Each season I try to do a de-cluttering for my own mental sanity, and for the benefit of others. There are a lot of people in need of food and warm clothes over the holidays, so consider giving a few things you no longer need to a new home. While we’re on the topic of lightening up, consider giving your house a major clean. It’s a great feeling to go into a new year all fresh and clean, and on that note, I’m about to embark on a Macbook file archiving project. Secretly (or not), I’m very excited to have a clear desktop again!

There's something incredibly hopeful about a fresh start -

Write a letter to yourself

This is an idea I got from reading a few other blogs recently, and I love it. Think about the person you were when you started 2016, the setbacks you faced, what they taught you, and how they’ve helped you grow into the person you are now a year later. Equally important, what did you accomplish? Be sure to acknowledge yourself for everything you did, even if it didn’t seem like much at the time. Be honest, be kind, and use this as a resource for inspiration when it comes to setting your goals for 2017. (There are plenty of exercises like this in the guide, by the way!)

Take a digital detox

Consider taking a digital detox for all or part of the holidays. We spend so much time in front of our computers and phones, and it’s SO easy to get sucked into scrolling, liking, tweeting, sharing, and otherwise clicking around for hours. Before you know it, the day is over and you’ve been sitting with your eyes glued to a screen for way too long. I say all this because I speak from experience, and I’ve been thinking a lot about unplugging lately. Human beings need face-to-face interaction in order to be mentally healthy, so go see your favourite humans. A digital detox is high on my list of needs right now, but more about that later this week. ?

Right, that’s it! I’ll be back here on Wednesday with an absolutely scrumptious holiday dessert that you won’t want to miss. Have a great week!

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