Fit Bit Friday 237: The Half Marathon Fartlek Workout

Fit Bit Friday - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Happy April!

It is sure feeling like spring here, and this has been an absolutely glorious week. We’re officially in double-digit temperatures, yesterday it was 18C (that’s 64F for my American friends) and we’ve been spoiled with sunshine. Naturally, that means I’ve been out on the sea wall almost daily, running along and taking in the scenery, every time like it was the first time.

Is anyone else totally amazed by how fast time seems to fly by when you switch from almost 100% treadmill workouts to outdoor ones? Yesterday I covered 11 miles but it felt like I’d only been out there for 6! Even after having lived in Vancouver for a year, I don’t think the ocean-side scenery will ever get old. As hard as I may be working during training, being outside these days makes it difficult to wipe this cheesy, sweaty grin off my face!

sea wall selfie

Speaking of running….

Work It Out

In case you’re not familiar with the term, the word fartlek means ‘speed play’ in Swedish, and in a running context usually refers to a workout where speed is constantly changing. As you know, making frequent changes to any sort of physical pursuit challenges our bodies and prevents adaptation. This is a good thing, because keeping our bodies guessing can not only prevent boredom on long runs, but the constant variation means that we can get fitter.

either you run the day or the day runs you - jim rohn - eat spin run repeat

There are loads of ways to do a fartlek workout, and the one I’ve got for you today is a little something I tested outside earlier this week.

The Half Marathon Fartlek Workout

This run can be done on a treadmill or outside – the key is that you’re able keep an eye on your distance and time. You won’t actually run a half marathon, but this would be a great workout to do if you’re training for one. You’ll cover 10 miles in total, including a 2 mile warm-up and 1 mile cool-down.

Fit Bit Friday 237 - The Half Marathon Fartlek Workout - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Click here to print the PDF.

Turn It Up

Guys, you don’t even want to know how many times I’ve listened to Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift this week – it’s insane. If listening to songs on Youtube were like old-school cassette tapes, I’d have worn the tape down so much that it would be broken by now. This isn’t really a workout jam but I couldn’t resist sharing a little T-Swift on the blog this week. Enjoy!

Have A Read

Now over to you! Tell me…

  • Any good April Fool’s jokes up your sleeve for today? Or, have you been on the receiving end of any? Luckily I have not, but it’s still early!
  • For those of you who have races on your calendar, how long until your first one of the season? How are you feeling about it?

2 thoughts on “Fit Bit Friday 237: The Half Marathon Fartlek Workout

  1. My first race is April 30! I’m doing a half marathon and feel pretty good about it. I’ve done a 9 mile run so far and felt strong, which is a good sign. May try that fartlek workout for my 10 mile run–thanks for sharing!

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