June Goal Check-In and 3 for July 2016

June Goal Check-In and 3 for July 2016 - Eat Spin Run Repeat

I recall reading several times that the older you get, the faster time flies. I don’t like to think about 27 as old, but the whole saying about time getting faster is definitely true! It blows my mind that we’re in July already, but I always love doing these monthly reviews because they make me remember all the great things that are happening – even if I don’t always realize how great they are in the moment.

With that said, let’s get right into this June goal check-in. Here’s how the month went down:

1. Get away from my desk at least twice per week at lunchtime – B

Ugh, this was a tough one. You know when your brain logically knows exactly why it should do something that’s good for you, yet you still find it to be such a struggle? This was a great example. I managed to get away from my computer twice on all weeks except for one, which was this past week. In my defence though, with a long weekend this past Friday I figured I’d be far more ready to relax if I went into it on top of my work, rather than feeling like I needed to go into the office and play catch-up this morning.

peonies on my desk

I’ve found that the key to actually taking lunch breaks is to make plans with other people during them, so I’ve been enlisting my co-workers and friends who work nearby to help me out on this one. I have an incredibly guilty conscience, so having to bail is never something I like to do! Even if they were just short coffee breaks or walks around the block, these went a long way in making me feel mentally refreshed. I’ll be keeping them up this month too!

2. Go on at least 2 hikes – A

Oh yes I did! These were two of the best memories I have from June, even though one was in the pouring rain. The first hike that I went on was organized by Ford Canada as part of their celebration of the new 2017 Ford Escape. (For the record, I drive a Toyota but must admit that this car is pretty darn cool!) We met at the Grouse Grind for a ‘kale gate’ party –  basically a tailgate party (get it?!), only with green juice and snacks that plant-based foodies like me were totally into.

stretching at ford kale gate party - pre-climb yoga
Photo Credit: Britney Gill

The weather was quite typical of Vancouver – wet and rainy. I’m a fair-weather exerciser, but because I’d committed to this and didn’t want to bail (there’s that guilty conscience again) my friend Danielle and I arrived bright and early to get ‘er done. We started off with a group yoga session at the bottom of the mountain, then got to work climbing up the trail.

group yoga session at the grouse grind
Photo Credit: Britney Gill
group selfie before the grouse grind
Photo Credit: Britney Gill

The rain wasn’t too bad at the bottom of the Grind because of all the tree cover, but as we got to the top the trees thinned out. By the time we arrived at the chalet we looked like we’d just hopped out of a swimming pool! We were greeted with green juice courtesy of The Juicery (one of my fave local juice spots) and delicious food from Kondi Kitchen. It was a ton of fun and I’m so thankful to have been invited along to participate.

top of the grouse grind with green juice
Photo Credit: Britney Gill

Hike #2 was this past weekend, again with my hiking buddy Danielle. We went to Cypress Mountain and climbed up the Hollyburn Mountain traila 7km out and back route. Again, it was drizzling when we started and rainy at the peak, but there was something unbelievably refreshing about the fresh mountain air.

snowy selfie at hollyburn mountain

top of hollyburn mountain hike - eat spin run repeat

Patches of the trail were still covered in snow and we had to slow down a bit on the muddy/slippery parts, so in the end it took us about 2.5 hours. (It looks very cold in these photos but it really wasn’t that bad!) Unfortunately because of the fog we weren’t able to see anything from the top aside from a sea of white. Danielle tells me you can see a whole bunch of other mountains in the distance on a clear day, so hopefully I’ll have some less-foggy photos to show you soon!

top of hollyburn mountain hike - eat spin run repeat1

3. Run my best half marathon – B+

Back at the beginning of the month, I defined my ‘best half marathon’ as:

  • Being as well prepared as possible through high quality nutrition, plenty of sleep and solid training (not too much, not too little) leading up to the race.
  • Staying mentally positive throughout, including on the start line which is always tough for me.
  • Staying mentally tough when all the things start to hurt, and use it as motivation to dig deeper.
  • Putting my race nutrition protocol to work, taking on one gel and staying hydrated throughout the course (how much fluid depends on how hot it is)
  • Celebrating with friends afterwards. All the high 5’s. All the smiles. All the selfies.
Start line selfie at Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon
My best “I’m not nervous on the start line” face

As I mentioned in my full race recap last week, there was indeed no PR this time around. I wanted one, but knew that I wasn’t at my strongest physically. There were however, plenty of opportunities to practice all of the other things above, and I felt that mental strength was the area I fared the best in. At some points I really didn’t want to push any more, but somehow that thinking was reversed just in time.

I could have definitely been more physically fit for this one, and I didn’t feel like I was truly at my best. But at the end of the day, I’m happy to have had the experience. You never know what you can do if you don’t test yourself, right?

Polar V800 after the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon

Moving right along to July (WHAT?! Already?!)..

3 goals for July 2016

1. Go on 2 weekend adventures.

I’m often asked by my friends from back home in Ontario about other parts of BC, and to be honest, my knowledge of anywhere outside Vancouver is embarrassingly limited. There’s just so much going on here all the time that it becomes easy to stay put and never get bored. However, these days I seem to have an overwhelming sense of wanderlust and desire to be outdoors (ideally in the sun, not the rain!) I haven’t exactly nailed down my destinations yet but I’ve got a couple in mind. Stay tuned!

golden ears provincial park

2. Walk to work at least once per week.

Since starting my new job in April, my life has changed in so many ways for the better. However, one thing I do miss is walking to work every day. There’s just something about that time that is so mentally beneficial, whether I’m processing how to prioritize my work for the day ahead or decompressing after it’s all done. The distance is about 5 times longer than the walk to my old office and is totally doable, but often I talk myself out of it because of the efficiency and time savings that a car offers. I figure that there’s no time like the present for ideal walking to work weather, so I’m committing to doing this once per week.

walk to work

3. Try a new fitness class every week.

I said in my last race recap that I was planning to scale back my running mileage a bit in favour of mixing things up and challenging my fitness in different ways, and this goal is that plan in action. This summer I’m trying to spend as much time outside as I can on the weekends, but during the week my workouts tend to be indoors. Even though I love making up my own circuits, speed workouts etc, sometimes it’s nice to let someone else do the thinking. Through work I’m extremely lucky to have access to a huge range of studios nearby, and I’m looking forward to learning more about some that I haven’t yet visited. I’ll tell you all about my faves at the end of this month.

Ok – your turn! I’d love to hear:

  • What was the highlight or thing that you’re most proud of accomplishing in June?
  • What’s happening in your life in July? What are you looking forward to? Excited about? Not so excited about? Dreading? What would make July great for you?

8 thoughts on “June Goal Check-In and 3 for July 2016

  1. You are crushing your goals and making Vancouver look so dang good! I can’t wait to come visit and see it myself!

    In July, my biggest thing is doing my first half ironman. SO excited!

  2. I definitely struggle in getting away from my desk at lunch.
    A coworker and I now go on iced tea dates to Davids Tea for the $1 iced teas. It ensures we can get a walk in and get out of the office for a while.

    1. That is SUCH a great idea Ange! I haven’t been getting nearly the quantity of David’s Tea that I normally do in the summer, but the $1 iced teas is such a great incentive. Might make that my new lunchtime getaway! Thanks so much for the idea. 🙂

  3. I’m loving all the getting outdoors! I have been doing that more lately, but not so much the last couple weeks. And I feel you on the wanderlust! Unfortunately mine is on semi-permanent hold right now lol.

    For June, my biggest thing is I FINALLY launched my Etsy store! It’s been in the works for almost a year now, so I’m super excited about that

    For July, keeping up with my physical training and going on a 20-mile bike ride are my goals 🙂

    1. Aw congratulations on your Etsy store, Sara! That’s amazing, and I’m sure it feels great to cross off a goal that’s been on your list for an entire year. I hope you’re doing something fun to celebrate! Best of luck working on your training goals this month, and have a fantastic bike ride!

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