June Goal Check-In and 3 for July 2017

June Goal Check-In and 3 for July 2017

Hello there!

I hope my fellow Canadian friends are enjoying a lovely Canada Day long weekend, and for those of you in the US, perhaps you’re taking a super long weekend with the 4th of July coming up tomorrow? It’s been a beautiful past couple of days, filled with lots of outdoorsy time and I’m getting up this morning ready for more. I’m headed out to do a hike with one of my friends, followed by lounging on floaties in the lake and a picnic on the beach. I I’ve said it before, but I loooooove SUMMMMMMMATIME! ☺

Kits Beach Vancouver - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Before I get into my June goal check-in, a quick chat about my posting schedule. I dropped back to 2x/week for June and have found that this has been SO helpful in allowing me to finally work on coaching and the bigger blog projects you’ll see here soon. (More on those in my goals for July – hold tight.)

At the same time, I found myself really wanting to post more. Let’s just say I’ve been experiencing the entire opposite of writer’s block and it’s a very strange internal battle! There were also several of you who wrote expressing your undying love for Fitness Fridays, and I don’t like leaving you weeks without workout ideas.

SO. For July, expect 2 posts most weeks, and sometimes a third. There’s loads of good stuff ahead, and at the same time…. #balance.

On a similar note, it blows my mind that July is here already. Half way through the year? Madness! This June goal check-in was fun to write because it’s been such  a great month. I’m proud to report that all 3 of my goals were accomplished – and exceeded, in some cases! Here’s how it all went down, plus a few little extras.

Read White Hot Truth by Danielle LaPorte – A

When I say read White Hot Truth, I mean I listened to the audiobook. However, the download was free when I ordered the book, which is this beautiful, white hardcover work of art. I don’t normally gush over books, but this one just feels good. I also printed out the downloadable chapter questions and watched the videos available in the White Hot Truth book club (totally free). As you can see, this was taken seriously!

White Hot Truth by Danielle LaPorte

I mentioned when announcing this goal that in the past, I’ve had a bit of a hard time really getting into Danielle LaPorte’s books because I’ve found her writing style to be quite… abstract and philosophical. I’m by no means a literary critic so maybe other words would be more accurate, but I’ll go with those. This book however, was kinda different. I was hooked after listening to multiple podcast interviews, and found that listening to the audio and book club videos definitely helped.

Danielle encourages us (us being those who are all into the whole self-help thing, from yoga, green juice and meditation to various alternative healing therapies) to take a step back and consider whether our self help practices are really causing us more stress than they’re worth. I think I’ve got an entire post’s worth of thoughts on this topic, but for now, here were the things that resonated most:

  • Ultimately, when we seek out spiritual or self-improvement practices, we’re looking to feel more free. Are all the things you’re doing to grow and develop yourself making you feel free? If all the things you’re doing to find liberation feel like chores, you’re not really free, are you?
  • Feelings of fulfillment stem from our motives. It’s not HOW we seek spiritual growth – in other words, it doesn’t matter whether you’re drinking green juice, doing yoga, going to therapy, using crystals etc – it’s WHY we seek it. What result or feeling are you hoping to get from your self-development practices? Do those practices actually get you there? Are there some that you should let go of?
  • The concept of an input fast – in other words, switching off all the ways in which we consume information like social media, blog articles, videos, podcasts etc. If we can get rid of all the messages and stop listening to external opinions on what we should be, it would be a whole lot easier to truly hear what our intuition is saying.
  • We spend most of the day consuming, and only a little bit of time releasing. The problem is that when we become so fixated on cleansing and purifying (through a bajillion ‘healthy’ self improvement practices), it keeps us from living fully. We start looking at the world in terms of good and bad, and miss opportunities to embrace it in the moment and build our emotional resiliency.
  • The best form of self-help is self-compassion. In other words, you don’t need a ton of healers, crystals, rituals etc. While these things can be useful, you know deep inside what’s right for you.

If you’d like to grab a copy of the book yourself, download the audio and/or join the free book club, you can do so here.

Joy does not come from a checklist - Danielle LaPorte
Source: Danielle Laporte

Do 2 hikes/day trips to places I haven’t seen yet – A

This was one of the best parts of June! I visited a few familiar spots, and ventured to some new ones – specifically Norvan Falls and Tunnel Bluffs. Both of these were out-and-back trips that took about 4 hours each, including our stops to take in the views at the top.

June Goal Check-In and 3 for July 2017

While Norvan Falls was a rainy hike, I’m always into hunting for waterfalls and they didn’t disappoint. Tunnel Bluffs was a bit more challenging with steep technical terrain for about half the distance, but the views at the top were so unbelievably worth it. I hope to make it back there again this summer, but still have lots of new hikes on my bucket list. 

Tunnel Bluffs - Eat Spin Run Repeat
Wear non-lululemon clothes to work on at least 2/5 days per week – A+

This was a really fun one! Luckily it’s been sunny here so the dresses have been out in full force. Is it just me, or do you guys love not having to match 2+ pieces of clothing? It feels good to be wearing more of my wardrobe these days, and I’d forgotten how much I really like some of the things I have. Old habits die hard though – on days I wear non-lululemon gear to work and have to wear a real bra, the first thing I do when I get home is take it off. #priorities.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

A few other fun things that happened in June:

I bought and 100% enjoyed every moment starting at beautiful peony bouquets.

June Goal Check-In and 3 for July 2017

I spent a whole lot of time in places that look like this:

June Goal Check-In and 3 for July 2017

(That's one of my work besties, Jess. She's also one of my hiking buddies, one of my blog recipe taste testers, and generally a rad human being.)
(That’s one of my work besties, Jess. She’s also one of my hiking buddies, one of my blog recipe taste testers, and generally a rad human being.)

I was part of a panel for an event called Fueling the Female Body, where myself and my friends Emma, Mandy, Erin and Anita chatted about all things nutrition and wellness. This was part of a speaker series at Field & Social, one of my favourite salad shops downtown. Our hosts were Elim, Barb and Barbora, three Vancouver-based business women who I admire and can’t thank enough for putting on such a fun event.

June Goal Check-In and 3 for July 2017

I made these lotion bars which are now one of my favourite things in my skincare routine. I’d love to hear if any of you give them a shot.

June Goal Check-In and 3 for July 2017

My team from work (aka some of the best ladies I know) did a hike to Quarry Rock on a gorgeous Friday morning. As an unexpected bonus, I ended up getting a bit of strength training in by carrying a baby! One of our former teammates recently had a beautiful little girl, and much to my disbelief, she slept in her harness on my chest for the majority of the time. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be ready to have my own kids, but she was certainly cute!

June Goal Check-In and 3 for July 2017

I booked my trip to Hawaii! Specifically, Maui. This was one of my big goals for 2017 and while originally slated for October, I ended up booking for September because it fit better with my work schedule. Now I’ve just got the excursions to sign myself up for, and there are SO many to choose from!

Source: Unsplash
Source: Unsplash

Now for the month ahead…

3 goals for July 2017

1. Launch my new Anti-Inflammatory Eating 101 Guide

This is a project I’ve been working on throughout June and she’s thisclose to being ready for her big reveal – possibly on Wednesday! I’m excited to finally be able to offer this because it’s one of the most commonly requested topics in my reader feedback surveys. You can expect all the info you need to know about what causes and prevents inflammation, how food plays a role, and how to use nutrition to your advantage. I’ve also included an anti-inflammatory shopping list, 5-day meal plan, recipes, snack ideas and more resources. So watch this space – it’s not far away!

Anti-Inflammatory Eating 101 - The need-to-knows, 5-day meal plan + whole food recipes for healing and long-term health - via Eat Spin Run Repeat // @eatspinrunrpt

2. Complete my next downloadable guide, The Eat Spin Run Repeat Sugar Detox

Speaking of commonly requested topics, reducing sugar intake is another goal I’ve heard many of you are working towards. As someone who used to eat a ton of sugar and has cut it drastically, I feel that I’ve definitely got a lot of info to share with you. With my Anti-Inflammatory Eating 101 Guide launching soon, this will be my next project. It’ll include a low-sugar meal plan, ideas for lower-sugar food swaps, my best tips for reducing sugar intake and a proposed multi-week plan for doing so.

3. Go stand-up paddleboarding

This is on my summer bucket list and something I feel that, as a west coaster, I should be much more skilled at! Last summer, my friend Danielle and I paddleboarded during our weekend trip to Salt Spring Island and prior to that I’ve been twice. One of my favourite things to do is spend time out on the water in the sun, and there’s no denying that it’s a great core workout too. My balance on a paddleboard kinda sucks and I’m a ridiculously slow paddler, so hopefully by the end of this summer I’ll see improvements in both.

Paddleboarding in Salt Spring Island - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Now it’s your turn. I want to know all about what’s coming up for you in July and one of your June highlights. Let’s hear ’em in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “June Goal Check-In and 3 for July 2017

  1. One of my June highlights was….going to Hawaii! I was on Maui and Oahu. Going to the top of Haleakala and hiking into the crater is a must–it’s literally another planet. I also recommend the snorkel trip to Molokini crater through the Pacific Whale Foundation. Not only do you get to see lots of fish and coral that you will only find in Hawaii but you also get to swim with sea turtles AND its educational. Tip: bring all natural, zinc or titanium based sunblock and the chemical sunscreens kill coral. Lastly, the fish. I could eat spicy poke nachos for the rest of my life and be happy as a clam.

    Have an amazing trip! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

    1. Thank you SO much for all this amazing info, Rebecca! Your suggestions have made me even MORE excited for Maui (if that’s even possible?!) and I’ve definitely got those items on my list of to-do’s now. I had no idea about the sunscreen thing – that’s a great tip! Question – did you happen to hear about or try SNUBA when you were there? It’s a snorkelling/scuba hybrid where you can go down up to 50 feet and there’s an air tank on the top of the water – so basically the best of both worlds without having to be certified for SNUBA is how I see it. Going to look into the Haleakala crater hike right now!

      1. Aloha! Yes, I have heard of SNUBA! So cool. I didn’t do it though… next time! So much to do, so little time. The snorkeling is just so awesome there. You can pretty much put one on at any beach and find amazing fish. My husband and I saw a sea turtle and a sea snake/ eel (not exactly sure what it was?) at a public beach north of Lahaina. Basically what I mean is: bring a snorkel. So excited for you!

  2. HAHA – Oh Ange. I never thought I would see a photo of you carrying a baby. Best strength training ever.

    I agree – I love summer and think it is so awesome that you are reducing the posting schedule. I used to do 3 posts as well and to be honest, right now it is more just when I can!

    Looking forward to seeing some of the big projects you are rolling out.

  3. You look AMAZING in that black romper suit!!! Have you changed anything recently in your diet etc? I know this is terrible, but I’m jealous, I’m going in quite the opposite direction and not feeling good because of it.

    1. Thank you so much Jenni! As for changes, I’m doing a lot less running and a lot more lifting these days. I incorporated red meat again (for iron/energy purposes), but aside from that, just eating lots of nourishing, nutrient-dense whole foods as usual! 🙂

  4. My blogging goal is actually to increase my posts. Funny hey. I think I will also focus on hiking more in the next few months. I’ve only done one hike this year.

    You goal checkins are so inspiring.

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