March Goal Check-In and 3 for April 2017

March Goal Check-In and 3 for April 2017 - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Hey friends!

How was your weekend? After quite an insane week, I ended up doing exactly as I said I was going to on Friday and spent some time giving myself some quality TLC. I’ve been firing on all cylinders pretty hard lately and while riding an adrenaline high there for a while, things were starting to catch up with me and manifested in the form of a few injuries. My younger naïve self would have just kept pushing through, but in the name of self care and practicing what I preach, this time I took it as a sign that I needed a weekend for myself. I’m heading to Seattle in a few days and want to be able to make the most of that, so there’s zero time for injuries to be holding me back!

In addition to hot yoga and lots of sleep this weekend, I got a massage, spent some time outside (in the sunshine – what a novel concept) and ate a bunch of nourishing, delicious foods that help to balance the adrenals and lower cortisol. I also did some clutter clearing in my apartment, which definitely helped to clear some space in my head too. While I didn’t get quite as much blog work done as hoped, I knew rest was more important. As a result, I’m feeling quite refreshed this morning and ready to take on the week, and I hope that you do too. ?

March Goal Check-In and 3 for April 2017 - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Since the month is coming to an end, it’s time for a March goal check-in. As always, it feels like it was yesterday that I set my 3 goals but alas, April is just around the corner and I’ve actually made some pretty solid progress.

Get my taxes done – B+

As I said earlier, this is one of the most boring goals ever but a necessary evil of adult and solo entrepreneur life. They’re not 100% finished, but I’ve done my bit and submitted all the forms, spreadsheets and tax slips required for my new accountant to do all the math. I’m particularly proud of myself for getting this out of the way because part of the process was finding someone new to do my taxes as my previous contact moved onto a new biz venture. It was also a really good exercise for me to sit down and really get to grips with my finances, something I don’t do frequently because it just isn’t super appealing.

Explore a new city – anticipating an A++ here!

I didn’t time this goal check-in super well because this hasn’t actually happened yet, but this Friday I’m off to Seattle with a bestie to do allllll the fitness things and I can’t wait! Among other things, we’re planning on hitting up Orangetheory and Flywheel for the first time, as well as checking out the famous Pike Place Market. It’s going to be like a mini vacation away where we do the things we love best – running, sweating, stretching, eating delicious food and exploring the city sights. If you’re interested, you can follow along on Instagram or wait for the recap when I’m back. in the meantime, please leave your best recommendations for must-see-and-do’s in the comments below!

Re-design one of my existing e-books – A

This one was completed just in time! Technically I still have 4 days left till the end of the month but I wanted this one done and back in the Eat Spin Run Repeat Shop by the time this goal check-in went live. What was previously called Living the Whole Foods Lifestyle is now Clean Food Fastand it’s allllll about saving time in the kitchen. I take a deep dive into the ingredients, gadgets and strategies I recommend for making clean eating a lifestyle, as opposed to something you try for a while before losing motivation to do.

Clean Food Fast is an e-book about simplifying clean eating and meal prep, making whole foods delicious and easy to incorporate every day. Inside you'll find an easy system for meal planning, printable templates, and 12 tasty whole food recipes. Let's get cooking!

This e-book is packed with tips, meal planning templates, a grocery shopping list, and recipes perfect for busy lifestyles – and she’s a beauty, if I may say so myself! I’m really proud of the way it turned out, especially because the content now reflects a lot of the knowledge I gained while earning my Culinary Nutrition Expert certification. If you’re not quite ready to make the leap into working one on one with a coach but still want some motivation and guidance to get your nutrition on track, this is a great resource to start with. Check out all the details here.

Right, moving full steam ahead, here’s what’s coming up:

3 goals for April 2017

1. Complete at least 4 ROMWODs per week

If that’s a new term to you, no worries – it was for me up until a while ago too! Before explaining this one, let me preface by saying that switching up my fitness routine from so much long endurance cardio to far more lifting and short, explosive sprints has made the biggest difference I’ve seen in my body and athletic abilities in years. It’s been super fun to watch and 2 months later, I’m still feeling extremely motivated to see how much fitter I can get.

ROMWOD home screen

With that said though, I’ve had a few setbacks – specifically, muscle strains that have prevented me from being able to train as much as I want to. Throughout these, and in my introduction to Crossfit, one of the biggest things I noticed was how massive the emphasis on mobility is. I was SO locked up in my hips and this was preventing me from being able to move through the proper range of motion for simple movements like squats. Where attention goes, energy flows, and I’ve been giving more attention than ever to mobility these days.

ROMWOD video library

Knowing that I still have plenty of room for improvement, I’ve decided to keep this as a big focus for April. In addition to attending mobility classes at the gym where I take Crossfit classes, I’m making a goal of doing one ROMWOD (that’s a Range of Motion Workout of the Day – Crossfit loooooooves its acronyms). ROMWODs are online mobility workouts that you can stream from wherever you are. They promote recovery, healing and longevity while also making us desk-dwelling human beings into better-performing athletes. I haven’t done any yet but hear great things and am excited to get started. If you’d like to join in with me, their site offers a free 1 week trial.

2. Discover some new health + wellness trends at CHFA West

Every year one of my favourite industry events to attend is the trade show hosted by the Canadian Health Food Association, CHFA West. I love sharing new up and coming wellness trends with you guys, and this is a great opportunity for that trend hunting to happen. Many of my nutritionist buddies attended Expo West a couple of weeks ago (a similar show in Anaheim, CA, only much, much bigger) and having spoken to them, I already have a few ideas of what to expect to see this year. In a couple of weeks we’ll find out if I was right!

New finds from CHFA West 2016 - Eat Spin Run Repeat

3. Read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

(I don’t curse on the blog and rarely in real life, but bear with me while I explain this one.)

If you’re into reading about self development topics I’m sure this one has come across your radar recently. It’s a book by blogger Mark Manson that I’ve had recommended to me by so many people in the last couple of months, all of whom have absolutely RAVED about it. In a nutshell, Manson (in his signature Mark Manson-ish way) addresses the idea that positivity is what will truly make us happy, one that many have come to accept as truth. To quote from the book’s summary:

“The self help book for people who hate self help books. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck is all about self-improvement not through avoiding problems or always being happy, but rather through engaging and improving upon problems and learning to accept the occasional unhappiness. It’s a radical departure from anything else you’ve ever read, and that’s what makes it so powerful.”

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck - Mark Manson

Mark talks about how there are only so many things we can give a f*ck about, and it’s up to us to decide which ones really matter. As someone who is a type-A personality (sometimes to a fault, as I’ve shared in the past) and often feels personally responsible for things that are beyond my control, the premise of this book appeals to me. It’s real talk told through entertaining stories and profane, ruthless humor. I expect to be humbled, surprised and entertained, and perhaps a little annoyed too, all while gaining a few new nuggets of wisdom that change the way I look at life. If you’ve read this already, I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

Now it’s your turn: Let’s hear what you’ve got planned for April. Any big races? Books to read? Travel plans? Workout challenges? Tell me tell me!

3 thoughts on “March Goal Check-In and 3 for April 2017

  1. What a great month ahead of you! I don’t have a single race planned for April but I do have some big self care plans and lots of time with loved ones. 🙂

    That Mark Manson book is on my list too – I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

  2. What a great plan! I’m looking forward to reading about your trip to Seattle 🙂
    I’m planning to slowly start running again but only gradually, with a walk/run programme. I had to stop for 7 weeks and cancel a marathon because of shin split on the left leg and a stress fracture on the right tibia… Yesterday I went for my first run outside and with the sun and I was indeed a very slow turtle but it felt so good to be outdoor! Even though during those 7 weeks I did strength training, yoga swimming and aquabike, my cardio capacities have lowered down and I have probably put on some weight ah ah. So everything will continue to be about balance, self-care and not training too hard, it’s not worth the injury. No pressure 🙂

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your shin splints, Marine. I’ve definitely been there and although not quite as severe as your case, I know how annoying and painful they can be. That’s great that you’ve been able to get outside and get back at it, even if slower than before. One of the biggest lessons I’m learning with injuries is that you can’t expect yourself to get right back at it at the level you were performing at before. It’s so easy to say but I know in my head, I always expect a lot of myself and athletics is definitely no exception! Self care and balance all the way! <3

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