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Treat your skin to these easy to make, non-toxic and decadent natural body care products: Lemon Vanilla Body Butter and Coffee Coconut Body Scrub | Angela Simpson, Eat Spin Run Repeat | #cleanbeauty #nontoxic #vegan #greenbeauty

Lemon Vanilla Body Butter

  • Author: Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat
  • Yield: about 2 cups 1x


Silky, smooth, and super nourishing for your skin, this Lemon Vanilla Body Butter has an intoxicatingly delicious smell and keeps your skin feeling soft all day long. Perfect for slathering on after shaving or showering.




  • Melt the shea butter, cacao butter, coconut oil and almond oil in a double boiler and whisk until fully incorporated.
  • Remove the mixture from the heat and let it cool (or set it in the fridge for about 30 mins, allowing it to thicken, but not fully solidify.
  • Scrape the seeds from the vanilla bean and add them to the oils/butters, along with the lemon essential oil. Stir well to combine, and set the bowl in the fridge for about 1 1/2 hours to let it thicken up to nearly solid state.
  • Use a hand mixer to whip the body butter. (It’ll increase slightly in volume when you do this.)
  • Transfer to two 1-cup glass jars, or glass containers with equivalent total volume.


  • Coconut oil is not a non-comedogenic oil, so if you’re prone to acne or breakouts, or if you know your skin doesn’t do so well with coconut oil, feel free to swap this for almond oil or jojoba oil.
  • Store extra body butter in the fridge to maintain freshness. Vitamin E can also be added in order to extend shelf life.