October Goal Check-In and 3 for November 2016

October Goal Check-In and 3 for November 2016 - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Hello November!

Well, almost – I suppose I should be saying Happy Halloween first. Did you have a fab weekend? While mine wasn’t about dressing up in costumes, it did include a visit to the beach with my friend Nina and her new puppy (SO cute!) and a fantastic Sunday morning workout with another great friend, Emma. We went out for a run along the sea wall – my first in a very long time, which we will talk about in this post – followed by a sweaty spin class. The fog looked like a massive tidal wave and it felt so, so good to get out and breathe that fresh air again.

fog on the sea wall

Moving right along, it’s goal check-in time once again, even though it feels like we just did this yesterday. With two months to go until the end of 2016, here’s how October went down.

1. Challenge myself to lift heavier – A

This has been such an interesting month when it comes to fitness, and I think it can be summed up by saying that it’s amazing what can be done with weights when you don’t exhaust yourself on the treadmill first.

At this point, it’s 2 months after my adductor injury and I’m running once per week maximum for no longer than about 30 minutes. I can still feel a bit of pain afterwards, which has been enough incentive not to try to run more frequently. But you know what? I’m at the stage now where the improvements I’m seeing in strength training are actually more motivating than my desire to return to long bouts of endurance cardio. At the beginning of October I mentioned that my specific lifting goal was to be able to squat a barbell loaded with my bodyweight again – with good form. Back then I was 20lbs off, and as of Friday, I can truly say that I’ve reached the goal!

Lower body strength is definitely something I’m able to gain faster than upper body strength, which is why I’m going to shift focus yet again for November. But more about that in a second.

2. Get into a better groove with my Academy of Culinary Nutrition course work – B+

This is going really well, and I’m feeling much better about it than in September! Intentionally setting aside more time to absorb the material in each modules was the right move to make, and I’ve also come up with a good schedule for getting homework done. I’ve been completing my recipe assignments on the weekends, then working on written assignments (due on Fridays) throughout the week. I wanted to be able to finish them on Mondays and have in some cases, but in order to have things for the blog ready when they need to be, I’ve found it easier and far less stressful spread the work out over a couple of nights.

Maple Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts - Eat Spin Run Repeat

It blows my mind that the program is nearly half way over (these weeks have been intense!!) but it’s been awesome so far. My hope is to use my knowledge to serve up some more informative and helpful posts for you guys, and based on what you told me last week, it sounds like many of you are interested in that type of content.

3. Create an anti-inflammatory meal plan to share with you – A

You bet I did – mark your calendar for this Wednesday! This week’s featured recipe will be an entree loaded with ingredients that have anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, I’ll have a downloadable 1-day meal plan for you with more recipes for breakfast, lunch and snacks that do the same.

Hot Shot Green Smoothie - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Inflammation is at the root of all sorts of conditions from post-workout soreness and digestive issues to arthritis, and we all deal with it in some capacity. I’m not saying these recipes will cure diseases, but I can tell you about the role specific foods can play in decreasing inflammation.  Once I complete my Culinary Nutrition Expert certification I’m planning to have even more resources like this, but for now I’d love to hear what you think of what’s to come on Wednesday.

3 goals for November

1. Focus on better energy management

October has been a month of big realizations. One of these was that squeaky clean eating and a new fitness regimen can make a huge difference, but there’s a 3rd far less sexy piece to feeling great and that’s rest and relaxation. My fellow type A’s out there will probably agree that this doesn’t come naturally and just like any other goal, needs work. It’s one you’ve seen me set before and it’s happening again.

I go really hard during the week in my full time job, and working at the HQ of a retail company, we’re about to go into the craziest time of year. Lately I’ve been very guilty of loading myself up with mile-long to-do lists on the weekends – perhaps because of the satisfaction that comes after ticking off a bunch of tasks. When it’s projects related to the blog or the course I’m enrolled in, it doesn’t feel like work because I find it all so fun and fascinating. Recently however, there’s been a lot of additional stuff on my plate and I’ve found myself waking up on Mondays feeling far less than restored.

Saje Aromabreeze Nebulizer

So the plan… is to take on less in November. To limit those to-do lists, be intentional about what I commit to, and ensure that each weekend has time scheduled for rest and fun. My social life has taken a hit this fall but I’m reminded that one of my big big goals for 2016 was connection – as in with real-life people, not the internet. November will include tea dates, lunch dates, yoga dates, sweat dates, quality solo rest time and plenty of sleep.

2. Complete my Q3 reporting with as little stress as possible

This is a work-related goal that isn’t nearly as exciting as the others, but it needs to be done. Working for a unique company means a lot of things, including having a unique fiscal year. The last month of our Q3 is October, so this week I’ll be head-down, number crunching on email performance in Excel, then building a bunch of PowerPoint slides – all due on Friday.

I like to think that with this being my second time going through the quarterly process in my role, I’ve got a far more streamlined method than Q2. Nevertheless, timing is always tight so my goal is to make it through this week with as little stress as possible – and finish it up with some great insights to take me into Q4.


3. Do 100 pushups every day

So… about that upper body strength! I like a good quantifiable challenge, whether it’s a plank challenge, a squat challenge, or anything else that requires a test of my commitment and discipline. One of the things I love about push-ups is that they truly are a total body exercise. They don’t only the arms and chest, but do enough of them and I promise your core will feel it! Recently I’ve been working on decline push-ups and a few other variations, but I want to see if I can hold myself to a steady commitment of 100 push-ups per day, every day in November. Anyone want to join me? ?

Right, that’s enough about me. Now I’d love to hear from you!

  • What was the best bit of your October?
  • What’s on your list of goals for November? 

2 thoughts on “October Goal Check-In and 3 for November 2016

  1. Wow- I almost got tired reading through that list! I love the organisation and you are kicking ASS in the strength training! I just may have to join you for that push up challenge. Wishing you a happy and stressfree, November, my dear.

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