October Goal Check-In and 3 for November 2017

October Goal Check-In and 3 Goals for November 2017 - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Well… it’s that goal check-in time yet again!

Two more months left in 2017 and a few more mini goals were conquered in October. I’ve said this before, but having a blog and this regular series one of the biggest things that keeps me accountable to everything I set out to do at the beginning of the year. Different incentives and methods work for different people – for some it’s making a financial investment, for others it’s making fancy charts and progress trackers, and it seems I’m the type who makes progress when I share what I’m working on with lots of other people – both in person and over the interwebs! Maybe you can relate?

October seems to have flown past. Many of my weekends ended with the thought of “I just need one more day!” and nevertheless, I feel really good about the work I did on my goals for the month. Here’s a run-down of how it all went:

Find a better groove with my meal delivery side gig – B+

There are now about 30 of my coworkers on my list of smoothie, lunch and dessert customers, so this was definitely a month where a better groove was needed! Cooking healthy for other people is definitely my love language, and if I had the choice I’d probably do it all day every day. But since other things have to happen (like full time jobs!) I made a few adjustments to my meal program this month:

Raised prices!

I feel like this is something a lot of people – especially female entrepreneurs – are scared to do, but I knew I needed to and haven’t regretted it at all. The ingredients I put in these meals are almost all organic because food quality is something I value so strongly, and it appears my customers do too, which is great to see.

Cut back my offerings on weeks I knew were going to be busy with other commitments

As I’m about to discuss in the next goal, me time and socializing with friends are two things I’ve been very intentional about doing lately, so I don’t want to have to sacrifice either for hours in the kitchen. Lunches tend to take more effort than smoothies and desserts to prepare, so on busier weeks (like this one) where I have more after-work plans, I reduced the number of days that lunch is available. I’m not sure balance is ever achieved (or is something we should even bother striving for) when you have multiple passions because when you truly ARE passionate about something, it’s natural to invest more time and energy in it. Just like blogging, all this cooking doesn’t feel like work. However, now I’m aware that I need to put some self-imposed boundaries in place so the other great things in life don’t get neglected.

Chicken, Pear and Pecan Wild Rice Salad || gluten-free + dairy-free || Eat Spin Run Repeat
Pear and Pecan Wild Rice Salad – click here for the recipe or pin for later

Got a 2nd fridge (and found a crazy good deal too!)

This wasn’t just a business decision, but also because my apartment fridge is not a full-sized one. With a diet as heavy in fruits and veggies as mine, I found myself constantly playing a game of jenga every time I came home from grocery shopping. The chaos was annoying my type-A organization freak self, so it was something I was a purchase I was considering anyway. Having more space gives me so much more ability to prep things ahead because I have a place to store them, and that’s definitely helped me streamline my workflow.

Capped daily offerings at 12 per item

A max of 12 lunches, 12 smoothies and 12 desserts are made each day, and imposing this limit means I don’t break my arms trying to transport it all from home to the office. It’s also about the maximum number of lunches I can make with regular-sized cookware in a single batch – anything more and I think I’d need some much bigger pots and pans!

There are still plenty of ways I can be efficient with all this and it’s a constant learning process. Each week my lunch buddies provide feedback on what they’ve eaten, and that benefits YOU as well. Get excited because there are many delish recipe posts coming your way in the next couple of months!

Tuscan Bean and Quinoa Salad || vegan, gluten free, perfect for big-batch healthy meal prep || Eat Spin Run Repeat
Tuscan Bean + Quinoa Salad – grab the recipe here or pin for later

Spend more time with friends – B+

Perhaps not quite as much time as I’d have liked, but I did make a conscious effort to make plans with at least one friend each weekend. Most of the time there were more – yoga dates, tea dates, walks and lunches were all in my calendar. Every experience left me feeling re-energized and inspired, and of course, wondering why I don’t do it more often. (I’m probably sounding like a totally anti-social person right now but I promise that’s not the case!)

Knowing that I’m definitely an introvert who needs alone time to re-charge, it’s easy to use that as an excuse to not make plans, telling myself that time on my own is what’s going to make me feel good. Sometimes that’s the case, but then I usually end up working on blog/business projects. It’s time spent productively, but doesn’t do much for my need to disconnect and have fun! I think this is always going to be something I need to put conscious effort into. Luckily the holiday season is coming up, so I’m excited for parties and other get-togethers that allow me to see all the people that make me a better person.

Finish 3 audiobooks – A

Done and done, and I’m already a few chapters into more. As I mentioned when setting this goal, I’m an Audible.ca subscriber and have definitely been using that to its full potential this month. Podcasts are still part of my weekend routine when I’m meal prepping, but I’ve also managed to finish the following audiobooks too:

The Four - Scott Galloway

The Four by Scott Galloway

This one looks at the rise of Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple, how they’ve grown to dominate their spaces and how the decisions made in these businesses compare to those of their competitors. It was very recently written, so there’s even content on things like Amazon’s recent Whole Foods acquisition.

It finishes with the author’s recommendations on how to be employable and stand out in the digital age we live in. As someone who is a digital marketer in my full time job, a blogger who spends a lot of time on social media, and a long-time user of Apple devices, I found this book fascinating. Highly, highly recommended. Check it out on Audible or on Amazon.

The Four Tendencies - Gretchen Rubin

The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin

(Side note: It only just occurred to me that the title of this book is so similar to the one above. Maybe 4’s a magic number these days?)

Admittedly I haven’t read The Happiness Project (Gretchen’s first New York Times Bestseller), but I’ve read and listened to enough discussion about it that I understand the gist. The Four Tendencies is her latest, and it’s all about how each of us falls into 1 of 4 personality types: Upholders, Obligers, Questioners and Rebels.

Gretchen explains that when we know what our type is, we can understand more about why we do what we do, and how to use that to our advantage – everything from making better decisions, setting ourselves up for more likely success in working towards goals, to avoiding burnout. Similarly, when you know the personality type of others around you (family, co-workers, clients, friends), you can better understand where they’re coming from and engage with them more effectively.

If you, like me, love self development and human psychology, you will love this book. I’m absolutely 100% an upholder in every sense, and while I feel like a pretty self-aware person already, this gave me a lot to think about. Check it out on Audible or on Amazon.

You are a Badass at Making Money - Jen Sincero

You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero 

Yep, I thought the title was kinda funny too. I wasn’t too sure if I’d enjoy it, but the book was recommended to me by a few people so I gave it a shot. See, I’m really passionate about pursuing my passions in nutrition and wellness, but at the same time, am an extremely risk-adverse entrepreneur. I think it comes from my desire to stay comfortably self-sufficient when it comes to money, and wanting to maintain the same lifestyle of enjoying all the things I do now (and more) without ever having to worry about potentially losing it.

I’ve never been in debt and wouldn’t say I live in fear every day of ending up that way, but at the same time, would love to some day work for myself. This book was helpful in getting me to identify my hesitations and fears around money, as well as the thoughts I didn’t realize I was having. There’s plenty of humour woven in (which is a mandatory for me when it comes to talking about topics like this!) and I’d especially recommend it to any female entrepreneurs who hesitate to ask for what they want – whether that’s prices you charge in side gigs or financial goals in a full-time job. This book made me feel more comfortable with doing both. Check it out on Audible or on Amazon.

Right, let’s chat about next month!

3 goals for November 2017

Explore the opportunity to do a cooking workshop at a local shared space.

As I discussed above, sharing knowledge about nutrition and sharing awesome food with people really lights me up. Doing a cooking workshop was something I had to do in my final assignment in the Academy of Culinary Nutrition program, in order to complete it as a Culinary Nutrition Expert. I loved the process of preparing and delivering the content, and lately have been considering how I can do more of that. The workshop probably won’t happen in November, but I want to get the wheels in motion to make it happen in the near future.

Curried Rice, Chicken and Apple Salad || Great as a healthy lunch and for big-batch meal prep || Eat Spin Run Repeat

Take at least 5 Skillshare courses on Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom is the tool I’ve been using to edit my photos ever since I got a DSLR camera about 6 years ago, but I’m self-taught and know there are lots of things I could be doing better to 1) improve my photos, and 2) save time. Looking back at my goals for the year, learning Photoshop was on the list. However, Lightroom is a tool I use far more and already own, so I’m going to switch things up and focus on improving my skills here instead. I recently -re-discovered Skillshare and there are SO many mini-courses on Lightroom (among others I’ve bookmarked for later) so my goal is to do at least 5, spreading them out over the month so I can apply the course takeaways to photos I take each week for the blog.

If you guys are interested in these online courses too (or others -there’s everything from virtual cooking classes to social media and business lessons) you can sign up for a free premium trial here.

Learn 2 new software programs at work

Oh yes, it’s the month of all the learning and being a total geek. Not only do I really want to do those Lightroom courses, but my new-ish role at work requires that I get intimately familiar with 2 different email/CRM systems that are new to me. Admittedly, the documentation I have to work from isn’t nearly as exciting as Skillshare videos on food photography, but nevertheless I need to do this in order to do a good job of the projects on my plate over the coming months. Maybe I should re-name the month Nerd-vember? ?

Why yes Ryan, yes, I do.

Phew – this was a long one! Now it’s over to you. Tell me, what are you working on this month? Any goals you’re running fast and furious after before the year is over?

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