Fit Bit Friday 219: The Plyo Tabata Workout

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Hello there friends!

Phew. What a week. It’s been a particularly busy one over here work-wise, and I don’t know about you but my brain is certainly looking forward to some downtime this weekend. On my agenda is a nice long run (it’s meditation in motion!), curling up with some magazines and a big mug of tea, creating something nice and hearty in my kitchen, and catching up on some totally non-work related emails. But FIRST… we must talk fitness.

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Work It Out

It’s been a mighty long time since I’ve posted a short, sweet and super sweaty tabata workout, and earlier this week I found myself craving something of the sort. This routine (as the name suggests) involves plyometric exercises like squat jumps, tuck jumps, and jumping lunges – all of which will crank your heart rate up mighty fast when you’re going at all-out speed! With that in mind, if you have joint issues, knee problems, or need a lower-impact workout, this probably isn’t the one to pick. (However, you might enjoy this tabata workout instead!)


The Plyo Tabata Workout

There are 3 circuits to get through, and you’ll do each one twice. Your work phase is always 20s of all-out intensity, followed up by 10s of whatever kind recovery you want.

So for circuit 1 you’ll do this, twice:

  • 20s of high knees, 10s rest // 20s high knees, 10s rest
  • 20s of skaters, 10s rest// 20s of skaters, 10s rest
  • 20s of tuck jumps, 10s rest// 20s of tuck jumps, 10s rest
  • 20s of plank jacks, 10s rest// 20s of plank jacks, 10s rest
  • Long recovery – 1 minute

Then you’ll move into circuit 2 and 3. Again, the 20s phases are meant to be hard, and by the end of this workout (which from start to finish takes 30 minutes, including all rests), you should be pretty darn spent!

Fit Bit Friday 219 - The Plyo Tabata Workout - via Eat Spin Run Repeat. A full-body tabata workout that you can do at home with zero equipment. 30 minutes of full-on sweet sweat!

Click here to print the PDF.

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Turn It Up

Ok, this week I need you to forgive me for not posting a workout song. BUT the great news is that I have something even better. Recently one of my co-workers and I have been OBSESSED with James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke videos. Justin Bieber’s new album just came out, and based on a bit of quick research, I know I’m not the only non-teenage girl who’s excited about this. With this in mind, may I present you with the Justin Bieber edition of Carpool Karaoke. The whole thing is fabulous, but be sure not to miss the fondue discussion around the 4:30 mark. It’s gold. 😉

(Just in case you haven’t had enough, the Jennifer Hudson edition is also particularly entertaining. James Cordon gives her some mean vocal competition!)

Have A Read

Now over to you!

  • Any good Youtube funnies to share? 
  • What are your plans this weekend, fitness or otherwise?

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