Ironman 70.3 Training Check-In – Part 5

Ironman 70.3 training update 5 - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Hey guys! Well, it’s Monday morning and I’m alive to write and publish this, which means I survived my first olympic distance triathlon! I’m also super pumped to tell you about it because it was SO much fun. This 5th instalment of my half Ironman 70.3 training will cover yesterday’s race experience, my day-before-the-race prep, […]

Why and how to rotate greens

How to rotate greens - eat spin run repeat

The short story: In a recent visit to my naturopath and after having had some testing done, I found out I’ve got a strong sensitivity to spinach and have to lay off it for the next 6-8 months. What?? I know, crazy right? Here’s the longer story… If you follow me on Instagram, you may […]