Fit Bit Friday 246: The Set The Pace Run Workout

Fit Bit Friday - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Hey there! How has your week been? It was a very hard-working one for me, that’s for sure! I’m tired, but I’m finishing it off feeling so happy and proud of the progress that’s been made on all sorts of projects – work, blog-related stuff, half marathon training, and even boring responsible adult stuff like renewing my car insurance […]

Fit Bit Friday 242: The First to the Finish Workout

Fit Bit Friday - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Hey there! How was your week? I’m SUPER excited about this weekend because I’m going on an adventure! I’ll tell you alllll about it very soon, but if you’d like to follow along, keep an eye on my Instagram account for a few glimpses of the action. I’d never leave you hanging on a Friday without a workout […]

Fit Bit Friday 239: The Pace Pusher Interval Workout

Fit Bit Friday - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Hellooooooo Friday! The weekend is so, so close and I have a feeling it’s gonna be a sweet one. So far my agenda consists of a lunch date, a long run along the sea wall, another fitness studio to try with one of my work besties, and potentially a hike (fingers crossed!) Now all we need to […]

Fit Bit Friday 237: The Half Marathon Fartlek Workout

Fit Bit Friday - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Happy April! It is sure feeling like spring here, and this has been an absolutely glorious week. We’re officially in double-digit temperatures, yesterday it was 18C (that’s 64F for my American friends) and we’ve been spoiled with sunshine. Naturally, that means I’ve been out on the sea wall almost daily, running along and taking in […]

Fit Bit Friday 230: The Tempo Test Run Workout

Fit Bit Friday - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Hey there! How’s your week been? I hope you’ve had a great one and that you’ve got some fun plans for the weekend ahead. Today’s post is a big one, so let’s not waste any time and just jump straight in! Work It Out Of all the different types of run workouts (fartlek, HIIT, long slow […]

My secrets for making every early-morning workout awesome

While prancing along on the treadmill this weekend, it occurred to me that as of today, there are only 13 days until my half marathon – YIKES!! Time has passed FAST, and I can’t believe it’s almost here. Training is going really well (even though my feet have definitely been in better shape and are […]