Top 10 Healthy Recipes of 2017

And just like that, Christmas is over. It’s crazy how fast it passes, isn’t it? If you’ve been celebrating, I hope you had a wonderful time with your friends and family, with plenty of love, laughs and relaxation. As I mentioned last week, I spent a few days with my dad in Victoria, creating some […]

Ginger Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry

After years of supplementation as a pescetarian anemic athlete, I decided to figure out a way to reintroduce red meat into my diet. This Ginger Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry is loaded with veggies and a delicious orange-ginger sauce that makes the whole dish taste amazing. Full recipe via Eat Spin Run Repeat // @eatspinrunrpt

Yep, you read that right. Beef. But let me explain. This is a post that I’ve been thinking about writing for a couple of months now, and one that’s been sitting as a draft for nearly as long. As you’ve probably noticed, the recipes featured here on the blog align with my pescetarian diet, are heavily plant-based and […]

Vegan Chickpea, Lentil and Kale Stew

Vegan Chickpea Lentil and Kale Stew - Eat Spin Run Repeat

First of all, thank you guys SO much for taking the time to tell me about yourselves on Monday. I’ve been loving all of your responses and am blown away by the amazing goals you’ve set and gone after this year. Super inspiring stuff, my friends. You’ve also asked me some fantastic questions, so I’m […]

Ironman 70.3 Training Check-In – Part 5

Ironman 70.3 training update 5 - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Hey guys! Well, it’s Monday morning and I’m alive to write and publish this, which means I survived my first olympic distance triathlon! I’m also super pumped to tell you about it because it was SO much fun. This 5th instalment of my half Ironman 70.3 training will cover yesterday’s race experience, my day-before-the-race prep, […]

Running with Anemia

Running with Anemia - Eat Spin Run Repeat

This is a long-overdue post, and one I’ve been meaning to write for months now. It’s also content-loaded, so grab your favourite beverage and a snack, and let’s have a chat. Over the past year I’ve received several emails, blog comments, and in-person questions about how I found out I had anemia and how I’ve […]