DIY Kombucha 101 (plus recipes!)

DIY Kombucha 101 - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Oh kombucha, how I love thee. Your bubbles, your kinda-sweet, kinda vinegar-y taste, your endless flavours, and your gut-friendliness. I could drink you all day long. Your only fault? Your price in grocery stores. $4 a bottle? Really? That’s a little crazy – almost like Starbucks crazy. A girl’s gotta eat, and a kombucha-drinking habit […]

Changes I’ve made to tame a bloated belly – Part II

how to tame a bloated belly - part 2

Two weeks ago I talked about 5 changes I’ve made to help reduce bloating, a problem I’ve grown to be especially familiar with over the past couple of years. That post proved to be a very popular one, and it’s clear that I’m certainly not alone when it comes to this topic. As promised, I’ve […]

A Digestion Experiment and My Top 5 Secrets for a Happy Tummy

Get ready friends, I’ve got lots to say today! Recently I’ve been doing a little experiment. As you may remember from the post about my spinach sensitivity and why it’s important to rotate your greens, I’ve been on a LOT of naturopath-prescribed supplements over the past month. In addition, we’ve also been working on finding […]