A different kind of offseason

A different kind of offseason - Eat Spin Run Repeat

I was going to give you a Thanksgiving recipe roundup post today for the benefit of my US friends celebrating later this week, but scrapped that plan while driving home, deep in thought yesterday afternoon. Today’s post isn’t a recipe, nutrition nuggets, a playlist or workout. It’s a quick one that gives you a peek into the inner workings […]

Things I know for sure at 28: Finding happiness

Things I know for sure at 28: Finding Happiness - Eat Spin Run Repeat

This is the third post in what has turned out to be a mini-series of lessons I’ve learned – particularly over the past year. You can find part 1 and part 2 here, and I’ve decided there’s going to be a 4th because while writing this, I realized there was more to say than I thought. […]

Things I know for sure at 28: Feedback, work and self-worth

Things I Know For Sure at 28 - Feedback, work and self-worth - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Welcome to part 2 of this little series. In case you missed part 1 where I talked about falling into the comparison trap and why I think it’s super important that we set our own standards, be sure to pop over here and read that first. Don’t worry… I’ll wait. Back? Ready for more? Let’s […]

Lemon Roasted Cauliflower

Lemon Roasted Cauliflower - Eat Spin Run Repeat

If you don’t already LOVE cauliflower, today is the day that I change your mind FOREVER. But first let’s have a quick chat about the weekend (and I’ll show you some nice cauliflower photos as I tell the tale). On Saturday morning I headed up to North Vancouver to run 5 Peaks Mount Seymour. I chose […]

The biggest lesson I learned at 26 {GIVEAWAY}

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen - Eat Spin Run Repeat

This coming Saturday, I’ll be turning 27. Celebrations will involve doing marvellous things with people I love, including: Running Seawheeze with Christina and Danielle who are coming all the way from Ontario to stay with me Eating at least once per day at Heirloom Shopping Slumber parties Hiking up the Grouse Grind Laughing until it hurts. Guys. I CAN’T […]

26 lessons learned in 26 years {GIVEAWAY}

26 lessons in 26 years

Isn’t it weird how as  you get older, birthdays seem to arrive faster? Actually, it’s not just birthdays. We dive into work on Monday and come up for air on Friday, weekends fly past and just when you start to feel like it’s finally summer, you look at the calendar and go “oh CRAP, it’s […]