Things I know for sure at 28: Outstanding people, the comparison trap and standards

running on the beach at salt spring island

In past years I’ve written several ‘lessons learned’-type posts during my birth month. The learnings are never earth-shattering, but I’ve come to find that when you experience them first hand, that’s when you truly start to believe in their validity. Ever felt the same? Now that the dust has settled after last weekend’s fun and celebrations, I’ve had some time […]

The Art of Letting Go

The Art of Letting Go - Eat Spin Run

Over the past week I got a couple of emails with questions like… “Angela, you didn’t do an Ironman Victoria 70.3 training check-in for March… How’s training going?” “Angela, you didn’t post your half Ironman training schedule for April… is it the same as March?” “Angela, you haven’t mentioned triathlon in a few weeks. What’s going […]

2016 Goals and Vision Board: Connect and Do What Matters

2016 - Connect and Do What Matters - Eat Spin Run

Well hello there! Welcome to my annual post all about vision boarding, goals, great ambitions and what’s to come for the year ahead. I’m not sure about you, but over the holidays I was thinking a LOT about all of this. It’s not that January is particularly magical or anything – it’s just a month, and really, any […]

The biggest lesson I learned at 26 {GIVEAWAY}

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen - Eat Spin Run Repeat

This coming Saturday, I’ll be turning 27. Celebrations will involve doing marvellous things with people I love, including: Running Seawheeze with Christina and Danielle who are coming all the way from Ontario to stay with me Eating at least once per day at Heirloom Shopping Slumber parties Hiking up the Grouse Grind Laughing until it hurts. Guys. I CAN’T […]