Easy No-Bake Protein Bites, 5 Ways

Chocolate Chip Pistachio Protein Bites | An easy, healthy portable snack or dessert | #glutenfree #dairyfree #mealprep | Recipe via Angela Simpson, culinary nutrition expert + blogger at eat-spin-run-repeat.com

It’s time to talk healthy, sweet, satisfying snacks, and I’ve got 5 for you! Check out these Easy No-Bake Protein Bites in 5 different flavours, all of which are gluten-free and dairy-free. You’ll also find options to make them paleo and vegan. I’m baaack! After a week of lovely unplugged vacation time, lying poolside and exploring […]

Vanilla Coconut Almond Protein Bites

No-Bake Vanilla Coconut Almond Protein Bites | These #glutenfree #vegan protein bites are a perfect healthy snack for busy days, before or after workouts. They're also a healthy way to satisfy any sweet tooth! | via Angela Simpson, Eat Spin Run Repeat

Need a little mid-week pick-me-up? I gotchu. One of the things I love about blogging and recipe creation is solving your meal and snack time rut problems. That can look like cleaning up your favourite recipes with more health-building ingredients, or simply suggesting new ideas to keep your motivation to eat well topped up. In […]

Chocolate Almond Butter Protein Bites

Get your healthy snack fix with these no-bake Chocolate Almond Butter Protein Bites! | #glutenfree #vegan | via Angela Simpson, Eat Spin Run Repeat

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, for those of you looking for a chocolate fix, you’ve come to the right place! These Chocolate Almond Butter Protein Bites have a cookie dough-like consistency, and they’re perfect as a quick sweet treat that also happens to be packed with antioxidants, healthy fats and stress-busting compounds. Whether you’re making […]

Chocolate Macaroon Smoothie

Chocolate Macaroon Smoothie || #vegan #glutenfree #eatclean || Eat Spin Run Repeat

Chocolate. Coconut. Can you really go wrong with that combo? I don’t think so. The weather’s cooling off (at least here in Vancouver it is) so these days I’m into the less-fruity, more chocolatey smoothies. I’ve got a post coming up in a couple of weeks about ways to winterize your smoothies, but until then, […]

No-Bake Maple Pecan Cookie Dough Protein Bites

No-Bake Maple Pecan Cookie Dough Protein Bites - Eat Spin Run Repeat

You say pe-cahhhn, I say peeee-can. It doesn’t really matter how you say it, because your mouth will be too full of these little morsels of goodness to speak. Fall always reminds me of the holiday cookie baking memories of my childhood, and in our house, I was definitely guilty of smuggling cookie dough out […]

Low Sugar Key Lime Pie Green Smoothie

Low Sugar Key Lime Pie Green Smoothie || vegan, high protein, anti-inflammatory || Eat Spin Run Repeat

She’s a zesty one! This Low Sugar Key Lime Pie Green Smoothie is naturally energizing and refreshing, making it a perfectly healthy way to start the day. With plenty of fiber and no added sugars, you’ll be able to maintain a stable blood sugar curve. That means no mood swings and no crazy energy crashes. Cheers […]

Pineapple Coconut Mojito Green Smoothie

Take your tastebuds to the beach with this high-protein vegan Pineapple Coconut Mojito Green Smoothie || Eat Spin Run Repeat

I know it’s not exaaaactly beach season anymore, but I’m really not ready to let go of summer. With Hawaii on my mind, I’ve been prepping my tastebuds (and keeping my Vitamix very busy!) this week with tropical-inspired blends like this Pineapple Coconut Mojito Smoothie. What’s so great about it? Plenty! Let’s start with the […]

Low Sugar Pink Grapefruit Green Smoothie

This Low Sugar Pink Grapefruit Green Smoothie is a refreshing breakfast or snack, perfect on those days when you need an extra boost of energy and greens. || vegan + high protein || Eat Spin Run Repeat

As much as I love how pretty and pink they look, I can’t say I’ve ever been a huge fan of grapefruit on its own. The nutrition geek in me really wants to because they’ve got a long list of health benefits, including being low in sugar, high in immunity-boosting vitamin C and antioxidants, and […]

Reader Q+A: What supplements do I take?

Reader Q and A - What Supplements Do I Take - Eat Spin Run Repeat

It’s time for another Q to your A’s! One of the more common questions I’ve been getting from those of you who read the blog and follow me on Instagram is about the supplements I take. As we all know, supplements are a multi-billion dollar industry. With health and wellness not only being important, but […]

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Dough Protein Bites

Vegan No-Bake Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Dough Protein Bites || a gluten-free, healthy and portable snack || Eat Spin Run Repeat

When I was a kid, one of my favourite things to do when friends came over was baking. We’d make cookies, cupcakes, and birthday cakes, starting in my Easy Bake Oven and finally graduating to the real regular-sized oven in our kitchen. I could make Betty Crocker Super Moist delights with my eyes closed, and […]