lululemon Seawheeze 2017 Half Marathon Race Recap

lululemon Seawheeze Half Marathon Race Recap - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Oh my. Where to begin? I say it every year, but this was one of my favourite lululemon Seawheeze weekends yet. If you were to ask me what specifically made it that way, I don’t think I’d be able to pin down a specific thing, because it was everything. So instead, I’ll just give you […]

lululemon Seawheeze 2016 Race Recap

lululemon Seawheeze 2016 Race Recap - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Just like that, Seawheeze #5 is done, and what an outstanding weekend it was. I’m pretty sure I say this every year, but this Seawheeze was my favourite so far. Sitting down to write this post, I can’t help but feel excited because in a way, it means getting to re-live the whole thing again […]

Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon 2016 Recap

Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon Race Recap - Eat Spin Run Repeat

You know that feeling of going out for a run, feeling strong, smooth and speedy? The wind is in your hair, you’re in a rhythm that makes your stride almost effortless, and the flow of endorphins makes you want to run all day? It’s pure bliss. Unfortunately, that was not what my Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon […]

Lululemon Seawheeze 2015 Recap

Lululemon Seawheeze 2015 Race Recap - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Hey friends! The last 4 days have been quite the whirlwind of festivities, and this morning I’m especially thrilled that I opted to take today off work to recover from it all. To say it was one of the best weekends of the summer would be an understatement, and I’m going to try to sum […]

6 things to know about The North Face Endurance Challenge Ontario

6 things to know about The North Face Endurance Challenge

According to the Mountain Lion Foundation, mountain lions “can run for many miles at 10mph, and can reach speeds up to 50mph.” If the average mountain lion had decided to run The North Face Endurance Challenge half marathon yesterday at a conservative pace of 10mph, he would have clocked a 1:18:36, beating the winning male […]

Lululemon SeaWheeze 2013 Recap

matchy matchy seawheeze jackets

Hello friends – this time from Chilliwack, BC! I’m currently hanging out at my aunt’s house near Vancouver and loving every minute of my west coast holiday. I’ll be flying home tomorrow and our plan is to head state-side for a little shopping today, but I’ll tell you all about that on Wednesday. For now, […]

Sea Wheeze Half Marathon Recap – Part 2

SeaWheeze medal

Sooo… where were we? Yesterday I left you at this past Friday night, the night before the SeaWheeze Half Marathon in Vancouver. After a big day of expo-going and exploring Vancouver, Lauren and I set our alarms for 5:30am on Saturday morning. We woke up bright and early in order to make sure we got […]

Sea Wheeze Half Marathon Recap – Part 1

Lululemon SeaWheeze sign

Goooood morning friends! As you read this, I am probably flying through the air back to Ontario after what was an absolutely amazing weekend in Vancouver. I’ve got heaps to tell you about and it is definitely too much to fit into one post so I’ll split the trip into two. I landed in Vancouver […]