The Middle Eastern Bowl

The Middle Eastern Bowl - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Last weekend was one of my favourites since moving out west because I got a call from my shipping company, telling me that my car had arrived and was ready to be picked up. While I was thrilled to have my Rav 4 back, what I was most excited about was the reunion with my Vitamix […]

Juicy Tidbits 104: Making Green Juice in a Blender {VIDEO}

juicy tidbits 104: making green juice in a blender

Alas, we’ve reached the final post in the Juicy Tidbits series! We’ve covered lots so far, and if you’re just joining in, feel free to get caught up by reading the previous posts: Juicy Tidbits 101: The basics Juicy Tidbits 102: The equipment Juicy Tidbits 103: The ingredients Back in Juicy Tidbits 102, I told […]

How to make green juice with a Vitamix and a pair of tights

How to make green juice with a Vitamix and a pair of tights - Eat Spin Run Repeat

That’s right. I was going to call this post “Minimalist Juicing” because you don’t need a juicer, but the above title won because I realized that the Vitamix isn’t exactly a minimalist piece of equipment. You’ve probably seen plenty of bloggers writing about green juices they’ve made with fancy juicers, and I’m not going to […]