These Hands Bake Cakes – featuring Pigment Craft Co

Treat Yourself - These Hands Bake Cakes - Pigment Craft Co

Following my post from last week, I’ve got another card to share with you that features two of my favorite stamp sets in Pigment Craft Co’s new May release. But first, a little story to preface this card…

As a kid, my dream job was to be a baker. I remember going to the grocery store with my parents, walking through the bakery section with them as they tossed whatever we were getting – usually a loaf or two of brown sliced bread – into the cart. As you can probably imagine, there was nothing exciting to me about the sliced brown bread, but what was fascinating to my little 6 year old self was what was going on behind the counter, which I could get a peek at if I stood in just the right spot. They had racks of enormous sheet cakes, cookies waiting to be baked, and donuts that were freshly powdered in icing sugar, ready to be put into the window display. It was truly mesmerizing.

Treat Yourself - These Hands Bake Cakes - Pigment Craft Co

As I got older my job prospects changed, likely for the better. The main part of baking that excited me was taste testing – specifically icing and cookie dough – and that probably wouldn’t have been ideal for my long-term health! These days I do a lot more cooking than baking, but when it comes to cards that feature yummy looking cakes, I could make ’em all day long!

The Pigment Craft Co These Hands Bake Cakes stamp set includes two cake stamps, as well as icing, highlights, and oven mitts – how cute is that?! As soon as I saw it I was feeling some major retro bakeshop vibes, and chose a pink, teal and blue color scheme to really emphasize that theme.

Treat Yourself - These Hands Bake Cakes - Pigment Craft Co

I started by stamping and die cutting 3 of the smaller cake, as well as the icing to go along with each. While I had my inks out, I stenciled a striped background using Pigment’s new diagonal layering stencil. After trimming that to fit on my card base, I embossed my sentiment from the Treat Yourself stamp set, and used the coordinating die to cut it out.

At that point, it was time for the foam tape. Friends, I went BIG on the foam tape on this one, with 3 layers under some parts of my sentiment! (I didn’t originally intend to get this carried away with it, but I knew the icing needed some dimension and by the time I was ready to put the sentiment on, it needed 3 layers to be level. Sorry not sorry. Dimension is my JAM.)

Treat Yourself - These Hands Bake Cakes - Pigment Craft Co

I added a few silver confetti bits for a touch of sparkle, and called it a day. I’m already dreaming about “baking” more cake cards next weekend, and hope you’re feeling inspired to do the same! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Pigment’s full release here. I promise, it’ll have you swooning!

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