Tips for Making Holiday Wreath Cards – Part 2

Tips for Making Holiday Wreath Cards - Part 2 - My Fresh Perspective

Ready to pick up where we left off? Earlier this week I shared 4 tips for making die cut holiday wreath cards, and today we’ll finish off with a few more, plus some additional cards I made using the exact same process. Shall we get into it?

Tips for Making Holiday Wreath Cards - Part 2 - My Fresh Perspective

Tip 1: When making rainbow wreaths, make sure the number of leaves needed works with the number of colours you’re going to use.

This isn’t a must-do by any means, but if you’re a little (or a lot) type-A like me, this one will come in handy. It might annoy you if you have, say, 2 of every colour in your pattern except for pink, which has 3. I mean, I’m all for more pink wherever possible, but the mathematical part of my brain does not like it when patterns are disturbed!

Tips for Making Holiday Wreath Cards - Part 2 - My Fresh Perspective

So here’s what you do: Make sure that the total number of die cuts you need is evenly divisible by the number of colours you use. If you know from tip 1 that you need 24 die cuts to make it all the way around your circle, you might pick 12 different colours, each of which would be included twice. Or, you might pick 8 colours, each of which would appear 3 times. Get it?

Tip 2: If stamping your sentiment, do this before adhering the wreath panel.

This might not be necessary if you’re an expert stamper, but it’s quite possible that I am THE most clumsy stamper that ever lived. Inevitably, if I were to wait until after assembling my wreath to stamp a sentiment in the middle, I’d probably mess it up. Knowing this tendency of mine, I almost always use my stamp positioning platform just to be safe. However in this case, the leaves on the wreath add height so it would make using the platform difficult.

Tips for Making Holiday Wreath Cards - Part 2 - My Fresh Perspective

Instead of taking a chance sans-platform, I stamped my sentiment on the underlying panel, then adhered my wreath panel on top. This was also helpful to ensure that the words would be fully visible through the center of the wreath. Of course, you can totally skip this step if your sentiment is a die cut!

Tip 3: If you want to add some sparkly “snow” to your wreath, do yourself a favour and use some tweezers!

Every card maker likely knows that burning your fingers with an embossing gun really hurts. I’ve done this a few too many times, and since the stems on these Holiday Greenery die cuts are quite small, I reached straight for my craft tweezers so that I could hold the stems while keeping my fingers away from the heat.

Tips for Making Holiday Wreath Cards - Part 2 - My Fresh Perspective

To create the snow, I worked in batches with my leaves, lightly running each one across the top of my Versamark embossing ink pad. After laying them all out on a piece of scrap paper, I poured Sparkling Snow embossing powder on top, picked each leaf up with my tweezers, tapped off the excess, and heat set the powder. Then, when assembling my wreath, I alternated one snowy leaf with a plain one so that the effect wouldn’t be too overwhelming. Note that even if you don’t have Sparkling Snow embossing powder, you could absolutely achieve the same effect by mixing equal parts white embossing powder and clear embossing glitter.

Tips for Making Holiday Wreath Cards - Part 2 - My Fresh Perspective

Alright, there you have it! Are there any tips I’ve missed that you’ve found helpful when making cards like this? I’d love to hear yours in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Tips for Making Holiday Wreath Cards – Part 2

  1. Fantastic tips and fantastic cards!! The colours are amazing and so cheery! I LOLed pretty hard because yup, I definitely look for harmony in patterns too 🙂

    1. Hehe I’m glad I’m not the only one! I’m pretty sure I thought about these colours and did more math than I needed to during this crafting session, but that’s just the way my mind works!

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