Fit Bit Friday 218: The 15 Minute At-Home HIIT Workout

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Hi friends!

How’s your week been? With Wednesday having been a holiday here in BC, I woke up this morning feeling a bit like it was Tuesday, and was delighted when I realized that wasn’t the case. This week has been one of epic, fun fitness including spin classes at Method, some weights, TRX, swimming, and running. I think I said it last week, but the variety feels awesome!Anyone else riding a solid off-season high right now?

Of course, there’s plenty of resting and relaxing going on as well in order to make up for all the craziness happening at work. This weekend I’m pumped to see one of my Ontario friends and celebrate her birthday with brunch, and to spend some time outside exploring. I hope you’ve got some fun plans lined up too!


Work It Out

Recently I sent out a request for feedback to my email subscribers asking about things you wish there were more of here on Eat Spin Run Repeat, and one of the responses I got back was at home HIIT workouts. Because I aim to please, this week that’s what I’ve got for you!


The 15 Minute At-Home HIIT Workout

The following moves alternate between exercises that will get your heart rate soaring (burpees, squat jumps, and mountain climbers – all done quickly), and exercises where I want you to focus more on form. Therefore, it’s totally fine if you do the latter a little slower, focusing more on the muscle contractions and your technique, rather than speed.

Start with 1 rep of each exercise, working through all 6. Take 30s rest at the end of that round, then repeat, increasing the number of reps every round. (So set 2 will be 2 reps of each, set 3 is 3 reps, etc.) Keep the rest at the end of each round consistent at 30s. The goal is to reach 10 reps of each exercise by the end of the 15 minutes. Even if you don’t, it’s fun to watch your abilities progress over a couple of workouts. Give this one a try a couple of times per week and aim to get to a higher number of reps each time!

Fit Bit Friday 218 - The 15 Minute At Home Workout. A total-body, no-equipment required workout that you can do even on your busiest days.

Click here to print the PDF.


  • For alternating lunges, 1 rep = 1 lunge on each side
  • For rotating push-ups, get into high plank pose and do a push-up. Lift the left arm straight up to the ceiling as you rotate your torso to face left. Bring left arm back down, then do the same by rotating to the right. That’s 1 rep.
  • If you have weights available, feel free to use them in order to make the sumo squats and alternating lunges more challenging.

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Turn It Up

I know you’re supposed to let really good new songs have their glory for a while before finding remixed versions, but I just can’t help myself with this remix of Hello by Adele by Paul Damixie. I still 100% adore the original and listened to it approximately 2340642 times at home this past weekend, but this slightly-uptempo version just means I can listen at home and during workouts!

Have A Read


Now over to you!

  • What was your favourite workout this week?
  • Any workout requests for next Friday?

3 thoughts on “Fit Bit Friday 218: The 15 Minute At-Home HIIT Workout

  1. My favourite workouts this week are always on the weekends. I have a long trail run on tap with post-run brunch and a brick workout at a new cycling studio in Waterloo.

    Love the at home workout. I am totally going to give it a go next week.

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