Fit Bit Friday 233: The Upper Body Blitz Workout

Fit Bit Friday - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Woahhhh.. what a whirlwind week. I’m definitely doing the Friday happy dance this morning and have got a fun weekend of fitness, coffee dates, brunching and (hopefully) relaxing ahead. We’ve had nothing but rain here in Vancouver this week and I’m secretly (or not) looking forward to curling up in my yoga pants with a book and a big mug of tea. As you can see, I go completely off the rails on the weekends. 😉


Work It Out

You guys have been getting a whole lot of bike and run workouts from me lately, so this week let’s switch things up with some long-overdue weights. My half Ironman training schedule currently only includes one strength session per week in order to accommodate for adequate time spent across the 3 triathlon disciplines, and a lot of that focus is on core stability. My lower body gets most of the action with all my cycling and running, but every once in a while I like a good upper body smashfest to keep those muscles alive too. Yep, I pretty much set myself up for sore muscles by training like this (not to mention an interesting challenge when it comes to holding a blowdryer above my head the next day)  but sometimes that hurts-so-good feeling is… well, so good.


The Upper Body Blitz Workout

Do the moves below circuit-style, moving immediately from one exercise to the next and resting for 2-3 minutes at the end of each round.  You’ll need a skipping rope and a few sets of dumbells, but if you don’t have the rope you can simply mimic the motion with your arms. (Trust me, you’ll feel it more than you anticipate!) Complete the circuit 3 times through, and be sure to do a short warm-up and cool-down on either side.

Fit Bit Friday 233 - The Upper Body Blitz Workout - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Click here to print the workout.

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Turn It Up 

This week’s tune is Something New by Faul, one of my favourites for a long run or ride, driving in the car, or listening to at work. It’s upbeat enough to keep you cruising through a workout, but chill at the same time. If Faul doesn’t ring any bells, you’ll probably make the connection and recognize the sax when you listen to Changes, a song that was super popular in 2014 and brings back plenty of summer memories.

Have A Read

Now over to you. Tell me…

  • What area of training do you neglect, but know you should focus on more?

Lastly, the winner of my Thrive Fitness book giveaway and a tub of Vega Sport Performance Protein is Catarina. Congratulations! I’ll be emailing you shortly. Thank you so much to everyone who entered. It was so much fun reading your responses, not to mention super motivating! All of you are out to crush some amazing fitness goals, and I would love  for you to keep me posted with how you get on.

Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Fit Bit Friday 233: The Upper Body Blitz Workout

  1. Hip/side leg exercises definitely get neglected for me. I have chronic ITBS in the right leg and as much as a try to foam roll and strengthen my outer hips to overcome muscle weakness, it never seems to be enough!

    1. Ouch!! It’s always easy to neglect areas that seem to be a lot weaker than the rest of us, right? Whenever I think of hip/outer leg/glute exercises, the first ones that come to mind are clamshells (lying on your side) and monster walks (with a resistance band looped around your ankles, taking a few big steps to one side, then side-stepping back to where you started). I’m sure you’ve probably done plenty of these, but if not they might be good to try! (And as a bonus, you can do the clamshells from the comfort of your couch!!)

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