Fitness Friday 292: The Quickie Gunshow Workout

Fitness Friday - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Hellooooooo Friday!

We’ve made it once again, my friends. How was your week? After last weekend being one heck of a whirlwind, I’m ridiculously excited to fill the next couple of days with some fun and self-care. I’ve got some Crossfit lined up, a few sweat dates, a bit of playtime in the kitchen, a pedicure, DIY facial and lots of relaxing on the agenda. Now where’s the time machine that will take me to 5pm tonight?

(Source: Pinterest)
(Source: Pinterest)

Work It Out

I mentioned last week that I’ve been having fun with banded chin-ups in the gym, and if you’ve yet to try them, now is your chance! This routine is one that will most certainly challenge your arms (tank top season is upon us!), but as an added bonus, will engage every fibre of your core as well. Don’t be surprised if you wake up with sore abs the next day!

The Quickie Gunshow Workout

Do the chin-up and push-up sets as indicated below, using a band on the chin-ups to help support your body weight. Simply anchor the band on the chin-up bar, then hook either one knee (moderate support) or your foot (more support) in the loop. Wrap your other leg around the banded one as you perform your chin-ups. Note that straightening your banded leg completely will offer the most support as the band will be at max tension. Take breaks if needed throughout, and finish with the leg burner to take your mind off of all that upper body work!

Fitness Friday 292 - The Quickie Gunshow Workout - Get ready to fire up those arms, your back and core with this 2-move combo. Banded chin-ups are a great way to progress to full chin-ups, and push-ups help contrast the pulling movement with an opposing push. Workout via Eat Spin Run Repeat // @eatspinrunrpt

Click here to print the PDF.

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Turn It Up

This week’s tune is Lipstick Footprints by Ludomir ft. Oferle. As a boy and girl duet, it’s a little on the popstar-esque side, with a twist of EDM and an overall vibe that reminds me of summer.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

Have A Read

Now let’s hear from you. Is being able to do a particular exercise (unassisted pull-ups, in my case) on your list of goals for this year? How’s it going so far?

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